Hong Kong Crackdown on Tiananman Massacre Anniversary Print
Real China
Saturday, 05 June 2021 12:50

(The brave PLA has crushed the unarmed students - photo courtesy of 64memo.com)


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime has again banned the annual candlelight commemoration of the 1989 massacre of pro democracy activists and students on Tiananman Square Beijing.

The ban on the vigil and at least six arrests came amid growing concern in the pro-democracy movement and internationally about the suppression of the semi-autonomous city’s traditional freedoms, notably a national security law imposed by Beijing last year.

The regime sealed off Victoria Park, site of the world’s largest Tiananmen vigils for more than three decades, to enforce a ban on the annual assembly for a second year.

Many small groups walked  through the city quietly and peacefully carrying candles as a sign of respect and mourning for the thousands that were killed in 1989.

Candles also flickered in the windows of the United States consulate and European Union office in the city as a sign of support.

Beijing's fear

Beijing has Western governments against “playing with fire” a day after their diplomatic missions in Hong Kong took the unprecedented step of lighting candles at their windows to mark the June 4 anniversary of the Tiananmen crackdown.

The regime’s foreign ministry Hong Kong office condemned the United States, European Union and other Western countries for staging “clumsy political shows” and acts that echoed the “very few anti-China troublemakers destabilising the city”.

32 years after the slaughter it appears that nothing has changed for the CCP as it fears the exposure of its atrocities to its own citizens, many of whom know nothing of the massacre because of the communist censorship.

Warning graphic photos here.