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Masked Fashion Show


A Fashion Show in Shenzen China, displaying a trend of" mask fever"  -- protecting from air pollution. (screenshot)

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All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise man.
--------------- Henry David Thoreau

China's Econamic Dominance Based On Licence To Pollute PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
posted by Chinainformation   

China's factories provide low cost products such as computers and cars to the rest of the world. But critics claim such economic progress takes a heavy toll, polluting the country's air, land and rivers.

Even though China ordered more than 2,000 factories to be shut down last August due to pollution, inefficiency or unsafe working conditions, the country remains a major polluter.

Pollution from factories has poisoned potable water supplies and has even led to deaths among the surrounding populace.

On this edition of 101 East, we ask if China is sacrificing its environment and people to feed its ever-growing economic powerhouse.


Posted by Bob Vinnicombe from Chinainformation

Lawrence Solomon: China’s Coming Fall PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Lawrence Solomon   

Like the Soviet Union before it, much of China’s supposed boom is illusory — and just as likely to come crashing down


This ethos of corruption is captured in a popular song in China, I want to marry a government official, whose lyrics explain why an official makes for a good matrimonial catch: “He has power, a car and house; He only needs to drink tea and read the newspaper during work; He never spends his own money on cigarettes and alcohol; He can get free food...

Is Liu Xiaobo the Real Deal? PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Shan Ying   

There is a saying among Chinese people in the last few decades: "There are things that are beyond your imagination, but there is no evil that the communist regime has not done."

Many Chinese realize that it is long overdue for the Nobel Prize to be awarded to a Chinese, as the bravery, sacrifice and struggle of many Chinese dissidents is simply outstanding, but there is complexity behind Liu Xiaobo and the Nobel Prize.

As a well known Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobo's...

German: We'll Never Catch Up With China! PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
China Uncensored Staff   

Chinese media recently published an interview with Mrs. Zhi Zhongjun, a former Chairwoman of the American branch of the Chinese Science Academy.

The headline said: Germany will never catch up with China


Mrs. Zhi says: "Their (western) workers are not envious of China, but their bosses (capitalists) really envy China. A few years ago, in a meeting, a German speaker, said that China will be the engine of the world economy. I spoke to him after the meeting...

A Bad Omen on China's 'National Day' PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Xu Ling/Renminbao   

On 1st October this month, the Chinese national flag was hung upside down and at half mast in Qing county of Changzhou city, Hebei province. This was quite disturbing for the communist regime.

What is so special? Qing county sits beside the ocean, and is where the creator of the earth,

English National Ballet Kowtows to Chinese Regime on UK National Day PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Shanying Gregory   

Composer Pete Wyer's The Far Shore was created for the Shanghai Expo and was to be premiered as the highlight of the event's 'UK National Day'. But the British Council and English National Ballet cancelled the performance after learning that the work is dedicated to the people of Tibet.

This week at the Shanghai Expo, it is Tibetan week in the Chinese Expo section, where thousands of visitors will be subjected to the propaganda of the Chinese communist regime that Tibetans...

Behind Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Peace Prize PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Jiang Pin/Renminbao   

“They (the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will not release Liu unless the Nobel Peace Prize is granted.”

Early this year, I was with a group of old friends having dinner. A communist party insider in the group said to us: “If the Nobel Peace Prize is not granted, they (CCP) will not release Liu Xiaobo!”  I took this statement as a joke, and did not even bother to think about it. But now, the result of this surprises me!

Liu Xiaobo is connected with...

Li Lu Recaptures Imaginations on Wall Street PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
By John Kusumi   

On Friday July 30, Dow Jones newswires and the Wall Street Journal reported that Li Lu, a former Tiananmen Square student leader, is likely to be hired as a successor to Warren Buffett, the legendary investor who runs Berkshire Hathaway and manages some $100 billion.

Mere thoughts of a Buffett successor can fire the imaginations of many who watch the tycoon game of Wall Street. Combine that with...

Buddhism and Science PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Shan Ying   

--- How Ancient Chinese found harmony in both.

20 years ago, it was quite a ‘revelation’ to me to learn that many people in western society understood that, “Buddhism” describes the system of the universe and the way in which human beings live to echo the rhythm of the nature.

On the other hand, almost all Chinese people (in my generation) in China think that Buddhism exists to allow them to beg fortune from gods and ask for a “son” to be born in the family by...

Tears, Please Don't Fall PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Xi Lan De   

My Experience Of Explaining the Truth To Chinese People

It was not a long drive from Sydney to Canberra. Arriving in Canberra, at the front of the Chinese Embassy (CE), I faced  a scene that many Canberra residents have become very familiar with in the last seven years: a couple of banners, and a few Falun Gong practitioners.

I settled myself to do some Falun Gong exercises, which allowed me to release some tension from the trip and also gain some...

New York Commemorates Anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
By John Kusumi   

Remarks delivered at Tiananmen protest, opposite Chinese Consulate, 42nd Street/12th Avenue, New York City, June 4, 2010

It is the 21st anniversary of a crime against humanity -- the Tiananmen Square massacre.

I believe that Tiananmen is the issue which separates the humans from the neo-humans; and unfortunately, the neo-humans held the upper hand for the past 21 years.

China's pro-democracy movement is a bright light...

20 Days Without the Communist Party In Beijing PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Chen Gang   

Will China be in chaos if the communist Party does not rule?

In the spring of 1989, we experienced 20 days without the communist party.

On 13th May 1989, many students from universities in Beijing came to Tiananmen Square, to support calls against corruption and to gain basic human rights. From that...

Why Factories Are Leaving China PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Dexter Roberts/Bloomberg   

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, a labor shortage is trimming margins for exporters, who are moving to Vietnam, India, and elsewhere.

Over the past two years, millions of jobs have moved to China's interior or elsewhere in Asia as factory owners try to cut costs.

Read Bloomberg article

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