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Chinese Children Train for Future Olympics


With all the interest in China's performance at the London 2012 Olympics, distressing photos have emerged on Chinese blogs and forums of the way in which many children are forced to train by the state.

Every time a Chinese athlete does well in international competition, it "adds powder" to the face of the Chinese Communist regime, so apparently, brutalizing young children is an acceptable price to pay.

Many Chinese netizens were horrified by the photos, although some had experience of being pressured by the regime to allow their own children to join the 'elite' training squads in gymnastics, particularly.

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All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise man.
--------------- Henry David Thoreau

The History of Killing By Chinese Communist Party PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank

Torture during revolutionMao Zedong summarized the purpose of the Cultural Revolution, "...after the chaos the world reaches peace, but in 7 or 8 years, the chaos needs to happen again." [1] In other words, there should be a political revolution every 7 or 8 years and a crowd of people needs to be killed every 7 or 8 years....

On The Chinese Communist Party's History of Killing

----- From Nine...

Excerpts from 'The Taiwan Crisis' -- Banned in China (3) PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Professor Yuan Hongbin   

Chapter 2: Annex Taiwan Without A Battle by 2012

- China’s Classified Political Strategies

1. The certainty of the China’s political strategy towards Taiwan

Rational or irrational?

Taiwan is a thorn in the heart of Chinese officials. To the older Mao Zedong generation, settling the Taiwan problem would mean finally ending the love-hate...

Hu's On First? "Who is in charge of China?" PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
By John Kusumi   

The Chinese Communist Party has always been a power struggle in motion. Recently, the power struggle burst into public view, and Beijing's officials have become so tight-lipped that an official newspaper (the Global Times) has published an editorial urging Beijing to break its "radio silence."

As reported in The Epoch Times, "The anonymous editorial calls on the party’s highest authorities to clarify the confusion about who is now in...

The Unscrupulous Nature of the Chinese Communist Party Has Never Changed PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank

--- From Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party - Part 9

Who Is the Chinese communist party's Reform for?

Throughout history, whenever the Chinese communist party (CCP) encountered crises, it would demonstrate some traces of improvement, enticing people to develop illusions about the CCP. Without exception, the illusions were shattered time and again. Today, the CCP has pursued short-term benefits and in doing so has produced...

Excerpts from 'The Taiwan Crisis' -- Banned in China (2) PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
China Uncensored Staff   

Communist China - Not the China you know

Is Communist China’s tyrannical governance a successor of Eastern imperialism or the modern revival of western totalitarianism?

Huntington, a renowned American political scientist, once said that the clash of eastern and western civilizations will be the theme of modern history. However, Huntington was wrong.

Since the Renaissance, history records a simple fact: Westerners were the first to...

Particles of the Soul PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Shan Ying   

Inspired by the teachings of Falun Dafa  -- This article was written in 1996, and science quotations used are related to that period.

What is the "soul"? Is it an expression of our spirit, or some kind of material that can be weighed or dealt with?

18 months ago, I came...

Excerpts from 'The Taiwan Crisis' -- Banned in China (1) PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
China Uncensored Staff   

China Uncensored is pleased to publish excerpts from one of the most important books about the Taiwan -China situation.

Taiwan Disaster (aka The Taiwan Crisis) is, needless to say, banned in China.

Taiwan Disaster is the first of three books in The Taiwan Freedom series (along with Taiwan...

Engaging Beijing with Universal Values PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Hon. David Kilgour, J.D.   

China’s 5000+ year old civilization has given much to the world. Domestically, the economic policies launched by Deng Xiaoping after 1978 lifted hundreds of millions of nationals out of grinding poverty. My own longstanding respect for the Chinese people grew during several visits to the country and I was honoured to represent some Canadians of origin in the Middle Kingdom in Parliament for almost 27 years.

Canadians should remain fully engaged with China despite the...

Engaging China Responsibly PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Hon. David Kilgour   

For years, my respect for the Chinese people caused me to mute criticism of their governments, rationalizing the position by telling myself that at least the more recent ones were not like that of Mao Tse-tung, under which, for example, an estimated 35-45 million citizens starved to death during his “Great Leap Forward” (1958-62).

When it was noted that the grinding poverty of hundreds of millions of families in the ’50s, ’60's and ’70's is now gone because of the export...

Blind Power Scares Communist Regime PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Zhang Qing   

Mr. Chen Guangcheng, a blind Chinese human rights lawyer was 'released' last year by the Chinese communist regime, after 4 years of jail, but Mr. Chen...

China Is Not On Our Earth PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Gu Zexu   

As a writer living in China, Mr. Gu Zexu has to try to express his opinion on his blog in a round about way to avoid being arrested for any possible reason the communist regime may create. The following letter was written in 2008.

Topic: From China's property bubble to China's dictatorship rule

Dear Mr. XXX: ( a Chinese financial analyst in America)

Thank you for your letter.
The Chinese economy, which forms part of the world big picture...

Rewriting Communist China's History PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank

Australian politician, Malcolm Turnbull,  is off the rails with his remarks about Communist China made in a recent talk given at the London School of Economics, He is reported by the Sydney Morning Herald as describing war criminal Mao Zedong (former Chinese communist leader) favourably as a revolutionary leader who caused the Chinese people to "stand up".  

Mao was a mass murderer with the blood of 100 million Chinese on his hands. It was actually people like Mr. Turnbull...

The 1993 Yinhe Incident PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
From Chinese blog   

yinhe ship (screenshot)

In 1993, a Chinese-based regular container ship Yinhe (银河,Galaxy) was stopped by the US Navy in the international waters of the Indian Ocean for three weeks.

The US government alleged that the shipment was carrying two chemicals for export to the Middle East. The two chemicals are...

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