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Wang Jianguo, a communist official in a township of Henan Province, led a group of thugs and local police to beat those villagers who refused to be evicted from their houses. He shouted to them:  "You want human rights? Go to America! Become an American citizen! This is China! "

A blogger named Dapeng, said: I have considered the consequences, and this was true, so I posted it."

This is not the first time that Chinese communist leaders have treated Chinese people in this way - they regard them as expendible items.


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Australian doctors, Jeremy Chapman and Philip J. O’Connell, as representatives of the International Transplant Society (TTS), recently attended China's Organ Transplant forum, which had more published articles in Chinese, slandering Falun Gong and the International joint investigation into China's organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience, than medical publications on China's recent organ transplant "progress".

The fact is that forum organizers used this forum to try to whitewash the crimes of the main culprit behind these crimes against humanity, former leader, Jiang Zeming, and tried to silence the condemnation from around the world by using the reputations of international professors.


Some background to the organ harvesting genocide of Falun Gong practitioners:


When Bo Xilai and wife.Gu Kailai, were exposed for their organ harvesting "business" in China, after Gu Kailai killed their British "friend" Neil Hayward, who may have "exposed" their "deals", Bo Xilai's son, Bo Guagua posted the following statement on his blog, in reply to mountains of condemnation:


Bo Guagua's post in Chinese above: The lawsuit finally dragged me in! Don't say that I am not loyal: with claims of taking the organs from a certain Qi-gong group and disdidants of different opinions; and the Corpse-Utilization factory, (I) cannot let (my) parents take the blame by themselves. At that time, there was a relevent policy above, especially supported by certain senior cadres. They were conducting (those acts) under the atmosphere that many (government ) departments, everywhere, in the whole country are doing (those things), the public legal system; army, hospitals, all involved! They (my parents) just made a start. If (my parents) die, everyone dies together!


The "visits" by transplant professors, Jeremy Chapman and Philip J. O’Connell, and the connections between Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia, and The Third Xiangya Hospital in Changsha, Hunan province in China in past decade, raise many ethical questions.

At a US Congregational Hearing on China's organ harvesting recently, reported by EET, one of the key brokers between the international transplant establishment and Chinese officialdom, Professor Francis Delmonico had been invited to testify before the joint subcommittee hearing, chaired by Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), both outspoken critics of rights abuses in China. Rohrabacher acknowledged to Delmonico, “You knew you’d be put in the hot seat.”


Epoch Times said that Delmonico struck a sober tone about abuses in China. He conceded that neither he nor TTS could verify that transplant abuse in China had ceased. He noted several times that he had no insight whatsoever into the prolific and secretive military hospitals—even from a Potemkin Village tour—where most of the forced organ harvesting takes place. He did not demur about the evidence of mass organ harvesting (called “Nazi-like” by Smith) presented by those flanking him.


Doctors have a duty to save people, not kill people, but that is not what Chinese doctors are taught by the communist party. Communist China is a dictatorship, illegal killings are frequently conducted and the perpetrators protected by the communist party.  But doctors Jeremy Chapman and Philip J. O’Connell may have not been educated on human rights issues in China, and may have not grasped the real stories behind the economic opportunities that China has been providing to the world.


In the book, Mao: The Unknown Story, by Jung Zhang and Jon Halliday,

“Let’s contemplate this, how many people would die if war breaks out. There are 2.7 billion people in the world. One-third could be lost; or, a little more, it could be half... I say that, taking the extreme situation, half dies, half lives, but imperialism would be razed to the ground and the whole world would become socialist.” 
- Mao Zedong 
(Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, Mao: The Unknown Story [Jonathan Cape, 2005], p. 428)

“There should be celebration rallies when people die... We believe in dialectics, and so we can’t not be in favor of death.” 
- Mao Zedong 
(Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, Mao: The Unknown Story [Jonathan Cape, 2005], p. 457)

“Deaths have benefits. They can fertilise the ground.” 
- Mao Zedong 
(Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, Mao: The Unknown Story [Jonathan Cape, 2005], p. 457)


To the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), life is cheap, and it will do anything to suppress the people and remain in power. The persecution of Falun Gong led to great "business opportunities" for the CCP in the selling of organs from living human beings.

Doctor Jeremy Chapman suggested that people from poor countries be allowed to sell their organs to people in the rich countries. Then, since human organs have become a commodity, where does it ethically end?

“The illegal practice of organ harvesting is barbaric, but it is growing as a commercial and punitive practice. We need a concerted global response to this problem,” said US Congressman Chris Smith. “The conflict in Syria has created a black market from human organs and ISIS has sanctioned the harvesting and sale of organs taken from Christian prisoners. We also have horrific evidence of Eritrean victims in Sinai, whose organs are brutally removed and sold when families are unable to pay the traffickers a ransom. The biggest problem by far is China and the government sanctioned harvesting of organs from executed prisoners—including prisoners of conscience.”
“The Chinese government has been trafficking in organs for profit for far too long and we have strong evidence that Falun Gong practitioners were singled out for organ harvesting,” said Smith. “We cannot accept more excuses. We don’t want more false promises.  We need concerted effort to stop this barbaric practice. Organ harvesting should be condemned by the world community by the world community any complicit Chinese officials or doctor should be held accountable.”



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