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July 20th 2016 was the 17th anniversary of the commencement of the genocide of Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), that is still happening today.

Jiang Zemin, the then leader of the CCP, initiated the persecution on July 20th 1999, which includes rape, brainwashing,torture and killing of practitioners for their organs.

Despite the widespread documentation of these atrocities, the world's governments have been silent apart from token "Human Rights Dialogues" with the Chinese regime.

A rally was held in Sydney to raise awareness of these crimes against humanity, and one of the speakers was Bob Vinnicombe of the China Information Website (NSW).

The following is the text of that address:

I find it quite hard to understand why people are so much more ready to take action against cruelty to animals than against human beings. We have heard recently how possums and rabbits  are given to racing greyhounds as part of their training to be torn apart while alive, for the purpose of the profits of the owners, therefore the Government banned greyhound racing.  Well, what happens to possums and rabbits here is what happens to human beings in China if they are arrested for being a Falun Dafa practitioner, or indulging in some other form of political dissent or counter-revolutionary activity  they get thrown into a concentration camp, used for forced labour, and continually tested for the compatibility and the soundness of their organs and then when they match a suitable paying recipient, killed on demand and dismembered, or sometimes dismembered while they are still alive , so their body organs can be sold for profit. In fact one person can be worth up to about $1m US.

This has been 100 per cent conclusively proved by the exhaustive investigations of Nobel Prize nominee Canadian human rights lawyer David Matas and former Canadian Foreign Secretary David Kilgour, also by the testimony of medical practitioners who took part in the practice, and former prisoners. I personally know a near victim, a Falun Gong practitioner, who was luckily let out of prison because she wrote a forced confession, before it happened to her. Organ harvesting by the Chinese Government has been documented in the films Free China the Courage to Believe, Davids and Goliath, Bloody Harvest and the recent film Hard to Believe. Many of these films have won awards.

Why are Falun Dafa adherents specially used, you might say. Well, for one thing, because they are clean living and healthy so their organs are more likely than the average to be suitable for transplant. And Falun Dafa adherents were persecuted because they had mass support and had spiritual allegiance to a doctrine other than Maoism, which really scared the Chinese Communist Party who could see their grip on power might be loosening. So by eliminating them and selling their organs the power hungry and money hungry CCP was killing 2 birds with one stone, and the CCP are nothing if not practical.

Incredible as it may seem, the Chinese Communist Party have plenty of apologists and protectors outside their country. Although in the USA, Congress unanimously passed on June 13 this yea,r a resolution demanding the Chinese Government end organ harvesting, if you are a political dissident in China, the Australian Government is not on your side. Ever since the Whitlam Government dumped the Republic of China, Taiwan, and recognized the Communist Beijing mainland regime, both Labor and coalition have been bending over backwards to please the Chinese Communists.

When Mao died, in a condolence motion in the Australian Parliament, Liberal and Labor luminaries fell over each other to praise the so-called achievements of the Chinese Communist Party with no mention of the millions killed in either the communist takeover or the cultural revolution. Only one member of parliament spoke against the condolence motion, Mr Wiliiam Charles Wentworth, and 2 or 3 refused to support it. Now the Australian Government pretend the organ harvesting isn’t happening. They take political party donations from businesses linked to the Chinese Communist Party. They invite representatives of the Chinese Communist Party to their annual party conferences. They are afraid of upsetting the Chinese Government. Whenever forums such as this are held, or any function associated with Falun Gong, all members of parliament get instructions from the Chinese embassy not to go.

And of course if you are a political dissident in China, big business is not on your side. Big business wants a lean and mean China where there is no dissent, no strikes, cheap labour, if it’s slave labour all the better,  and  cheap products to buy and re-sell, and busy, polluting, efficient factories to buy their raw materials, so they are not about to criticize the iron fist control of the Chinese Communist Party. The business people who deal with the Chinese Communist regime uncritically are so morally corrupt that if they were around during World War 2 they would have sold Germany the gas for the gas chambers. Remember, they are denying a holocaust. So point the finger at them and say “You are a holocaust denier of the Chinese holocaust.”

We see now the Chinese Communist regime is buying up more and more of Australia, and indeed of many other countries in the world and flexing its military muscles in the South China Sea. The more of Australia they buy and the more they encroach on South East Asia the less inclined will the Australian Government be to criticize them.

What can you do? Demand your local Federal member raises these issues in parliament. Confront all candidates for elections with these issues and ask them where they stand. If something in a shop says ”Made in China” don’t buy it. If it is a cheap but labour intensive item like a Christmas decoration it was probably assembled by slave labour in a concentration camp. That it why it is so cheap. In fact, the person whose hands put it together is quite possibly now dead but parts of their body might be in someone who has gone to China for a transplant.

Thank you all for coming here today and stopping to listen.



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