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Bob Vinnicombe   

Nothing could more demonstrate the way the Australian government
grovels to Beijing than their recent attempt to reject former Taiwan
Vice President, Annette Lu's, visa application to enter the country to
make a speech, today actually, at the Queensland Taiwan Centre.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) doesn’t like her so the Australian Government
wouldn’t let her in. Thankfully the visa has now been granted. But
the Beijing regime has now more influence over the Australian
Government than any other Government bar the US Government.

We saw how when the Olympic Torch was carried through Australian cities on its
way to the Beijing Olympics, the Beijing regime organized its own gang
of blue-shirted bully boy security guards to protect the torch
carriers from protesters. The so-called Confucius Institutes organized
by the CCP are being allowed into Australian schools, to brainwash
students with their whitewashed version of recent Chinese history.

Great admirer of Mao

But unfortunately our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is a great
admirer of the war criminal and dictator, Mao, and of modern Chinese

In a speech to the London School of Economics on 5th October 2011
called “Same Bed Different Dreams” about Australia’s position in Asia,
still on his website, so he must be proud of it, all his references
to China are of grovelling admiration for the Chinese Communist Party.

There is not one reference to the oppression, the forced labour,
the forced abortions and sterilizations that constitute the one child
policy, the killing on demand of political prisoners of conscience
to cut out their organs for sale, the Tiananmen Square Massacre,
Christians being imprisoned and churches being bulldozed, or Tibet.

In fact the whole speech is full of gross misconceptions about China
that are unfortunately shared by most Western politicians.

He said in this speech: ”The world may be amazed by China’s dramatic
rise, but the Chinese recognise this as very much a return to the
natural order of things……China sees itself as a 3000-year culture”.

Well all that’s wrong. In fact, the Chinese Communist Party has done
its best to destroy all vestiges of 3000 year old traditional Chinese
culture and to substitute the rigid dogma of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

He further said “While elegantly clad Chinese businessmen….  may
appear to have little in common with Mao’s boiler suited
revolutionaries, the economic success of modern China, whether
manifested in gleaming new cities, fast trains and freeways, or in
tanks and stealth fighter jets, is the fulfilment of Mao’s proud boast
in 1949 from the top of Tien An Men.  ‘The Chinese people have stood

Wrong again. The Chinese people have not stood up. They are
oppressed. The vast majority live in poverty. They live under the
jackboot of the CCP.  The only thing that has stood up is that
renegade bandit gang of freaks and monsters called the CCP.  And
China is not a land of gleaming new cities, fast trains and freeways,
it is a land of polluted cities, slave labour, second rate and often
dangerous manufactured products, contaminated food, glaring divisions
between rich and poor, and rampant corruption.

He then says    “…..the dominance of the Party depends on a social
contract – you the people let us run the country, and we the Party
will deliver rising living standards. … as the Governor of Liaoning
once observed to me, ‘Just because the majority of the people want to
do something, doesn’t mean it’s right.’”

CCP attends Australian Liberal Party Conferences

Malcolm Turnbull, I say to you, a contract is an agreement entered
into voluntarily by both parties. A military dictatorship imposed by
force, which is what the Communist Party rule is, is not a contract.

To top it all he  says “The Communist Party of China presents as a
modern political party. Indeed they have sent official delegations to
our Liberal Party conferences in Australia.”

Well, Isn’t that nice, not only have they been given the strategic
port of Darwin, the perpetrators of the Tiananmen Square Massacre and
organ harvesting get to attend conferences of the Liberal Party of

Maybe we should label Malcolm Turnbull “The Manchurian Candidate”.

While Chinese billionaires, with bank accounts registered in the
Virgin islands launder the ill-gotten gains they have made exploiting
slave labour, buy up Australian farms and 20 million dollar
mansions in the Eastern Suburbs, probably right next door to Malcolm
Turnbull, the gulf between rich and poor in China is now much greater
than it was before 1949.

Freedom means speaking out

If our Federal Parliament really stood for freedom, they would speak
out constantly against repression in China, they would pause once a
year to commemorate the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 3,000 people,
they would fly the Tibetan flag on Tibetan Uprising day.

Instead, when the Chinese President visited Canberra last year to sign the free
trade deal, communist flags festooned the drive up to Parliament
House. Apart from a few who speak out like the ALP member for
Melbourne Ports, Michael Danby, ex-DLP Senator John Madigan, and The
Greens Party,  I charge nearly all our Federal MPs with being
holocaust deniers of the Chinese holocaust.

We hear, we musn’t criticize China, because China is important to the
Australian economy.  Well, I don’t care about the economy. The
economy doesn’t care about me, so why should I care about the
economy? But in real terms politics has got very little to do with

Taiwan and Beijing hate each other, but economically they live
in each other’s pockets. Chinese companies buy Australia raw materials
because they need them. not because of cordial sentiments expressed
about them by Australian politicians.

We hear, “You can’t tell another Government how to run their country”.
Well, why not?  We told the Taliban how to run their country. We told
Saddam Hussein how to run his country. We are telling the Assad
regime how to run their country, though neither the Saddam Hussein
regime and the Assad regime  bulldozed Christian Churches, in fact
under Saddam Hussein and Assad, the Christians never had it
so good.

A federal election is coming soon and I strongly urge all of you to
make contact with your local candidates, confront them, and make
relations with China the main issue in the election.

Tell them about the organ harvesting and the Lao Gai forced labour camps, and the
other atrocities of the Beijing regime, which will be, in many cases,
an eye-opener to them, and ask them if elected to parliament will
they support a law making it a criminal offence to receive an
illegally harvested organ, and will they use their position to expose the
human rights abuses of the Beijing regime.

Long live free China.

This was a speech given by Bob Vinnicombe at a Falun Gong rally in Sydney on

7th April 2016, to call upon the upcoming trade delegation to China, to raise

human rights issues with the communist regime.



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