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This is part of a series of articles first published in Mandarin by Dajiyuan. They expose the systematic and brutal destruction of traditional Chinese culture by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and its replacement by the soulless theories of Marx and Lenin.

China Uncensored has translated these articles into English so that our readers can have insight into the insidious 'Party Culture' that enslaves Chinese people today.

Part 4 Creating God

After the two major theoretical cornerstones of the party's culture, atheism and materialism, were established, and through totally denying the culture passed down by Gods, the system of  party culture ensures that there is a blank space in people’s faith.  Communism will definitely create its own ‘God’, and inject it into the minds of people, to fill that vacuum. It is through this ‘God’ creation movement, this cult system of politics and religion combined is complete.  After superficial decorations, this party culture of anti-human nature, anti-heaven and earth is now alive and harming the human world.

In Chinese history, although some regimes also combined politics and religion, such as "the yellow turban army", "Taiping Heavenly Kingdom", these regimes did not unifiy China, neither extend their teachings to outside of their organization; while the Communist Party is the only “theocratic regime” who seized State power, and also used violent means to force the people to accept its ‘teachings’. Its Archbishop is the top leader of the communist party in different periods.  After the “great leader Chairman Mao", there were two years of the "wise leader Chairman Hua".Those words to create ‘God’ would always be used to exalt the Communist cult leader. Therefore, Karl Marx, Engles, Lenin and Mao were called “revolution governors”, and were dubbed "liberators" or "saviours", and were placed on shrines to be worshipped.

God knows all and makes no mistakes. The Chinese communist regime has always worked on the process of deification in making their image to be always "great, glorious and correct". Therefore, the top leaders of Communist Party, cannot admit a fault. Because the legitimacy of his superior power is that he is “always correct”; if he admits a fault, his superior power will lose its legitimacy. On the other hand, a human is not God, and it is impossible not to commit a mistake; hence, lying has become an essential way at this time.

During the process of creating a God, there is another way to completely deny the existence of any supernatural phenomena in order to falsify history. Take Mao as an example, after the failure of the fifth anti-encirclement, the Red Army fled in panic and ran in all directions. Such a sheer failure is described in communist school text books as “going north to fight against Japanese invasion”. Only three month after “9.18” incident, (1931, 18th September, Japanese started to invade China.), under such a state of national crisis, Mao Zedong took the chance and established the so called "Chinese Soviet Republic" in Mount Jinggang. (Jinggangshan, or Mount Jinggang where Mao and the communist gangsters were hiding, after failure in their fight against the national army.) But when the “Xi-an” incident happened, Mao became a hero of “forcing Jiang to fight against Japanese”. These falsifications of history delivered Mao Zedong an ‘aura’ as a "national hero".

During the Lushan Conference, (a meeting of the top leaders of the Communist Party of China held between July and August 1959), Peng Dehuai (red army commander) challenged the left-leaning radical movement of Mao Zedong and his hyperbole. If such a challenge to a Communist leader was successful, the “movement of create a God” will fail, as stated earlier, will directly challenge the legitimacy of the Communist Party’s ruling. Therefore, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and others launched severe criticism of Peng Dehuai, and after that the propaganda of the "great leap forward" without any sanity, directly led to the greatest famine in history during the end of 50 's to early 60 's.

The Communist Party not only uses words, but also plays, movies, songs, music and other forms to create this God image: it forced people to chant slogans, dance to praise the communist party, there were "early morning application and late night reporting to the party" , using drums and ceremonial manners to welcome the "highest order" (speeches by communist leaders to be published). Even now, the Communist Party still uses phrases such as "study repeatedly", "understand thoroughly", "carry out completely" and "pay attention to implementation," in propaganda, to treat Jiang Zemin's or Hu Jintao's "important speeches".

The implementation of atheism derives from the theory of evolution in the 19th century (the fallacy of the theory of evolution will be addressed in later chapters). The so-called "materialism" is not a complete denial of spiritual power, but total denial of all existence beyond the human, namely, the existence of God.

At this point, ethical standards that come from the classic scriptures of faith, including the kindness of Oriental Buddhism, truthfulness of Taoism, "self-restraint" and harmony of Confucianism, ‘Ten commandments’ of Moses in the West, and so on all lost their foundation. Thus the standard of ethics becomes easily changeable by personal codes of conduct.

In Communist society, the right to interpret values and moral falls into the hands of the Supreme leader. All universal morals and values, if inconsistent with the Chinese Communist ideology, can easily be labelled as pseudo ethics, feudalism, the bourgeoisie on the theory of human nature and so on, being ostentatiously denounced and criticized, while the communists stand on the podium to reconstruct the concept of morality.

Since the Chinese Communists (need to be known as) “great, bright and right”, all "party culture" will have to propagate this “great, bright and right”. But in fact, the Communist party is a cult with much blood on its hands and is extremely evil. When the ethical foundation is lost, what kind of moral chaos will form when people have to promote an evil cult as being “great, bright and right”; and in what direction will it lead society?

In Chinese communist propaganda, Marx was not only a revolutionary, philosopher, and scientist, but also a man of moral perfection. However this is far from the case. In 1843, the 25 years old wealthy Lady Jenny married Marx, and brought a maid Lynn Heng as dowry. But despite decrying as despicable, "the exploitation of the masses" Marx, was not only comfortable spending money that came from capitalists, consumed freely from Heng’s labour, but also forced himself on Lynn Heng to produce a son in 1850. At that time, Yanni was at odds with Marx because of this matter, so Marx sought help from his old friend, the bachelor Engels. Engels accepted being a scapegoat, for the reputation of “communists”, offered his name to this boy, and let the boy be fostered by a worker. When Engels was very ill of  laryngeal cancer and unable to speak, he wrote notes on his death bed: "Henry Bernard Fulaidi was the son of Karl Marx, Tutsi idealized her father. "Fulaidi is the illegitimate son of Marx, and Tutsi is the daughter of Karl Marx. This evidence of the scandal is now on public display at the Museum in East Germany.

The European Journal of Neurology disclosed that three Israel physicians referred to historical data to draw the conclusion: Before Lenin led the October revolution of 1917, he was infected with the sexually transmitted disease, syphilis, and it finally killed him in 1924. The references are from historical information including a record of treatment by Lenin's physicians in Europe and in the Soviet Union, Lenin's health record, and also the coroner’s report were used as "political propaganda". One of the researchers, Vladimir Lerner, told the New York Times: "If you deleted the name of Lenin,  showing these symptoms to any neurologist of infectious diseases, he would say, ' syphilis'.”

Chinese Communist Party members all seemed to be aesthetic before the cultural revolution,  but Mao Zedong had three wives that everyone knew: Mao married He Zizhen while Yang Kaihui was alive; and later married Jiang Qin but hadn't divorced He Zizhen. In 1994, Mao’s private doctor, Li Zhi-sui who worked for Mao for 22 years, in his book [Memoirs of Mao's Personal Doctor], revealed Mao constantly indulged in sensual pleasures, regarded woman as play toys,  acquired many young and beautiful girls into his palace, they were called to service him in the same way that one replaces dishes on a dinner table.

Mao Zedong's body guards claimed that Mao did not eat meat during the ‘great famine’, to show that Mao shared hardships with the people. But in 1959, after this ‘great famine’ had already started, Mao instructed the Hunan provincial party Committee Secretary, Zhang Pinghua, to build a personal waterfall palace, code-named "203" project, commenced in late 1960, completed in 1962. Building area was over 3600 square metres, and cost 100 million yuan. If these money had been used to buy food, it would have saved the lives of 1.5 million’s people.

The dissolute behaviour of communist leaders is not only restricted to carnal desires, their political trickery, mercilessness, extravagance and dissipation, flourished due to lack of beliefs, moral restrain, and media monitoring. So the consequences are disastrous when their behaviours combined with the state power, driving social morality to a rapid decline.

To “create God" is the basis for achieving a personal dictatorship, because God does not make mistakes, so the communist party leader shall be dressed up as the embodiment of the truth, the rest just blindly follow him. So ‘One person’s decision” was justified, and one brain replaced billions of brains, disastrous consequences are not corrected.
Individual independent thinking becomes a dangerous thing, so follow the trend, do not make decisions for oneself; everything waits for the communist party to direct, or waits for the party organization to give permission.

Another consequence of “creating God”, is that when many people were severely persecuted, they still "believed in organizations and believed in the communist party". When people who believe in God are persecuted, they pray to God, pinning their hopes on the righteousness of God. When atheists are persecuted, they cannot seek higher moral authority, and are trapped in a helpless situation - one has to console oneself with: “The central government is good, the Organization will correct this (for me)." This exercise in self deception is a result of communist self-apotheosis.

When people who believe in God encounter trouble, they will pray, or even go to burn incense in temples - atheists have nowhere to go, so the slogan: "If there are difficulties, seek help from the organization", hopes the communist party will solve the problem, but they do not know that the party is the real problem-maker.

The communist monopolised media and early education after they took power, ensures rule by the voice of one man alone, indoctrinates "atheism" and "materialism", banning, distorting and supressing traditional beliefs, conducts ‘mind – remolding’ on scholars, brings smear campaigns against traditional culture, label it "feudal" and "superstition", uses violence towards scholars, or religious people if they refuse to accept party culture, or cust off living resource to force people to obey, then fills the vacuum of people’s belief with their ‘created god”.

In the eye’s of the communist party, to consider any kind of culture, is not an academic matter, or different views, but a political issue, an issue of class. In the later period of the ‘cultural revolution’,  the party culture was finally honed and matured, the systematic replacement of traditional culture means bad coins replaced good ones, and generations growing up in the party culture are simply ignorant of any orthodox culture and concepts.

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