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Disintegrating Communism (Part I: Dissolving the culture of the CCP) 1 of Part I PDF Print E-mail
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Translated from the Chinese by China Uncensored   

This is part of a series of articles first published in Mandarin by Dajiyuan. They expose the systematic and brutal destruction of traditional Chinese culture by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and its replacement by the soulless theories of Marx and Lenin.

China Uncensored has translated these articles into English so that our readers can have insight into the insidious 'Party Culture' that enslaves Chinese people today.

Systematically substituting traditional culture

Every ancient culture in the world has its own mythology. In India, the dance of Shiva brought out all things on earth; in Athens, the soul-stirring event on Mount Zeus; Jehovah created the world through one thought; the Egypt Sun God,  Chinese Pan Gu, the creator of the universe; and Nu-wa who made human beings, these fairy tales are the origin of all ancient civilizations. For thousands of years, human activities have been carried out under the tutelage and inspiration of the Gods or Heavens.

Chinese people referred to their homeland as a divine state - the Kingdom of God. The Chinese people called their Emperor "son of heaven". The Temple of Heaven (in Beijiing) was the place where Emperor worshipped the gods of heaven and earth,  its area four times larger than the forbidden city. “View the Tao of Heaven, carrying out action according to Heaven’s way, and then duty is done.” This is the first sentence of the Yellow Emperor [Yin Fu Jing], or is the first Chinese sentence recorded in Chinese history. All causes explained in this one sentence. Chinese worship "Heaven" with emphasize on the oldest Heaven, called the "old grandpa of heaven", a  salute to the universe by Chinese. In the minds of the Chinese people, from the time Pan-Gu created heaven and Earth, Nu-Wa made human beings and Shen-Nong tasting herbs, Gods had guided humans through the hardships of the commencement of human history.  Acupuncture,  I-Ching and the Eight diagrams were the semi-divine culture from ancient times, and though  thousands of years have passed, they remain as mysteries and are still marvelled at by the world of today.

Respecting Heaven

Starting from the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan asking Reasons from immortal Guang-Cheng-zi; Confucius seeks Tao from Laozi, and Buddhism spreading to the east, Confuciusm, Buddhism and Daoism are the foundations of Chinese culture with an emphasis on virtue and kindness. Thus the formation of the Chinese orthodox culture formed. Obviously, in China's traditional culture, the rules of human relations also included an aspect of respecting heaven, a longing to go back to heaven; elevating from this mundane world is subtly felt by Chinese people. In Chinese culture, the real connotation of “humbleness” is reverence to Gods. If the country had any natural or man-made disasters, it would be viewed as related to some problem with the "son of heaven", and the Emperor needs introspection, issueing an amnesty or fasting and  bathing in praise of God.

However, last century on Earth, after the Chinese Communist Party took power, in order to maintain Communist rule, the Chinese Communists launched a systematic campaign to destroy Chinese culture, thoroughly wiping out traditional culture, establishing a party culture which is a contradiction of nature. Its systematic aspects: cut off people’s belief in God that was carried through thousands of years. The Chinese Communists promoted atheism and force fed "materialism" to people and indoctrinated it as the ‘basic tool’ to understand the world and history, providing a theory to allow violence and struggle among people and at the same time,  only allowing Communist 'values' to judge essence and dross, advanced and inferior, fully denying Chinese orthodox, traditional culture, disconnecting the Chinese nation from its cultural roots, propagating Marxism-Leninism, and Mao, creating a man-made god of communism. At this point, accompanying the practice of transforming the thoughts of millions of Chinese people with such deviant communist culture, against heaven; against earth; against human nature, a theoretical system of party culture was established.

1. Promoting atheism

Thousands of years of human history have formed a wide variety of cultural systems, co-existing with social systems. In all systems, the ultimate values of mankind remain in the form of God or acts of Gods existing beyond the everyday administrative powers. As for a King or an Emperor, he must be endorsed, monitored and under the guidance of God or Heaven - that is called the "Divine rights of kings". In such a system, God or Heaven is the ultimate judge of earthly values; offers final judgement to the highest power in society and restrains the earthly highest power from unlimited expansion. Similarly, the role that Gods and Heaven play in ordinary life is also extremely important, going beyond mundane interests; regulating human behaviour; restricting outbursts of human desires. Throughout history, in all forms of cultural systems, elements of "revering Heaven" and "respecting God” are reflected all over the world, and even in modern western democracies, Christian cultural influence can be seen everywhere in social systems.

But the communists consider that traditional Theism is a challenge to its legitimacy. In the education system, most countries take a neutral attitude towards the concept of God; neither admitting nor denying the existence of God. In fact, science does not deny the existence of God, atheism is not scientifically proven. The so called ‘theory of evolution’, that serves as the ‘scientific foundation’ for the Communists to promote atheism, is an unproven hypothesis, otherwise, why are the evolutionists of today still working to find proof? This only happens in communist countries that constantly seek legitimacy by promoting the theory of "atheism" which denies any existence of the supernatural to the extreme of creating an ideologue for the entire country.

Law of the jungle

For communists, there is no omnipotent creator, but only randomly colliding molecules formed into humans over billions of years. Humans survive according to the law of the jungle, through class struggle from a slave society, feudal society and capitalist society "evolving" into a socialist society. This flawed argument since the communists seized power is at constant odds with the understanding of the social, historical and political ideas of traditional culture.

All traditional orthodox cultures teach people kindness; to coexist with heaven, earth and nature harmoniously, but communists want to fight against heaven, earth and people. People who believe in orthodox culture pursue heavenly eternal happiness, value less worldly fame and gain, some even can see through life and death, but communists use repression and killing to intimidation people, using people’s desire for material gain to control people. The standard of good and evil set by orthodox religions easily give evidence of the immoral acts of communists. Therefore, the Communist Party regards orthodox beliefs as the biggest threat to their rule.

Lenin's teacher, Russian Marxist theoretician Plekhanov, left a “Will” of his political testament in 1918, to be put out after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was published in November 1999, he says: "Lenin will send half of Russians into a happy Socialist future, and will kill the other half. In order to achieve his goals, he will do anything; if necessary, he will ally with the devil. ”

In here, principles and values beyond the mundane, disappear, leaving only stark power and interest, with the practice of unscrupulous divisive tactics.
In the early 80's, a so-called "discussion of the truth" launched in China, the issue was whether truth, humanity, beauty, and goodness have a class attribution? In the eyes of the Communists, only those who serve the interests of the Communist Party, are worthy of moral advocacy and help, all else should be denied and defeated.


The biggest obstacle to atheism is religion. Therefore, immediately after the Communist Party took power, they took the knife to Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Catholicism etc, in the name of suppressing "reactionary secret societies"; sending spies into the religious groups, and establishing associations. While distorting religious Scriptures to confuse the believers, they also declared loyalty to the Communist Party's leadership, and put the Chinese Communist Party above God.

There are three big questions for mankind: who am I, and where did I come from, where I am going? The explanation given by traditional beliefs is: creationism; past lives and present lives; Heaven and Hell. In atheism, it became: "from ape to man" or "labour created man"; two different worlds of “new societies and old society"; and the illusion of "communism ".

In traditional beliefs, the "gods are three-feet above one’s head", they are monitoring people with their extraordinary ability. Chinese communists destroy people's faith while promoting themselves as "great, glorious and absolutely right", and "lead people from one victory to another victory." There is a saviour in religious beliefs, but the Chinese Communist Party says there has never been a saviour; the Party is "the Great Saviour of the People."


Orthodox religions have stable characteristics. Jesus said, "The Sky and Earth will be abolished, but my words shall not be removed"; Chinese people say "Heavenly rule will remain unchanged, so does the Dao." Thus, people who have orthodox faith will exercise one’s judgement of right and wrong according to its enduring principles. Such a standard is stable. The Communist Party however, needs to change its standards of right and wrong or overturn what it has just announced, based on its political requirements. Anything will be dubbed as "reactionary" and to be eradicated, if it is not under communist control, or even temporarily interferes with the party interests.

As examples, Stalin eradicated Leon Trotsky, one of the leaders of the Russian Communist revolution; Mao Zedong eradicated Liu Shaoqi, also the leader of the Chinese Communist Party. These acts were not a question of values, but of authority. During China's “cultural revolution”, a large number of "Marxist Groups," "Communist Groups" were declared as “reactionary organizations”. Famous economist, Yang Xiaokai was sentenced to ten years in jail because he was participating in one such group.  Things that happened in China in recent years also follow such a path.

In 2001, documents written by communist members aiming to reduce the burden of farmers, were declared “reactionary publications”, by Jiangxi Provincial Committee, which ordered all to be destroyed. The reason is very simple, because these ideas are not conducive to the implementation of the policy of Jiangxi Provincial Committee to oppress and take advantage of the peasants.

From the eradication of capitalists to allowing capitalists to join the communist party; from promoting “enormous people’s communes” to “fixing farm output quotas on a household basis”; from eliminating private ownership to vigorously developing private economy; from "free expression" to "don't discuss or argue"; from "the key issue is educating farmers" to accepting re-education from poor farmers”; from " Never reverse the case” said by Deng Xiaoping (to accept Mao’s instruction that Deng will never go back into politics) to immediately reversing his vow after Mao’s death, people in Mao's close circle being arrested by Mao’s own guards and imprisoned; from "Cut the tail of capitalism" into "get rich quicker", each change of policy was at the point where it posed a threat to the Communist Party's own rule.

As British writer George Orwell said, "the characteristics of totalitarian States, though it controls all thoughts, but it has not a fixed thought. It establishes so called beyond doubt doctrine, but it changes them day by day. It requires dogmas, as it requires unquestioning obedience from its subjects, but the dogmas cannot avoid being changed, because it is the need of political power. ”

In the communist system, human nature and divine nature is completely cut off; the ability to judge beyond the mundane is stripped away; to judge principles and morality becomes part of the secular power. Communists think that only in this way can a strong Communist regime be established. However, such values underpinned by human behaviour, the weakness of human nature, abominable actions displayed and gradually and inevitably being amplified into full play, eventually evolved into the unique cultural system of this “party culture”.

Next instalment: promoting materialism

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