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17 Million Yuan Luxury Cruise Ship Sinks on Launch

The first luxury cruise ship made in China was launched right INTO the water!


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Left top: Ceremony at launch site by Provincial leaders.

Bottom left and right: The 17 million yuan {US$2.66 million) ship "launches"right into the water". (screenshot)

Disintegrating Communism (dissolving the culture of the CCP) -Introduction PDF Print E-mail
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Translated from the Chinese by China Uncensored   

This is the introduction to a series of articles first published in Mandarin by Dajiyuan. They expose the systematic and brutal destruction of traditional Chinese culture by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and its replacement by the soulless theories of Marx and Lenin.

China Uncensored has translated these articles into English so that our readers can have insight into the insidious 'Party Culture' that enslaves Chinese people today.

Disintegrating Communism


In the East, in such a vast land, with various customs and dialects, what ties us together, so that we are Chinese? It is not just because of the geographical situation, but more importantly because of culture and tradition. For thousands of years, Chinese people have respected Heaven and Earth, worshipped common ancestors, used the same words, learned the same classic books.

In the eyes of Westerners, China used to be a state with well-mannered customs.

However, today, Chinese are different from any other time in history. From primary school to university, we use textbooks compiled with simplified Chinese characters; a compulsory course that we have to study is a theory proposed by two Germans more than a century ago, about how to destroy and overturn the world, and by a Russian who practiced this theory with violence; we were told that all items relating to Chinese history and tradition are called the "four olds", which should be burned or smashed. Today, our language, customs, habits, and way of thinking has long been at odds with our history, alien to our traditional culture, and alien to the world; we do not know where we came from and where we heading, we have become a nation that has lost our identity. While our blood is still perpetuated, the civilization of Chinese heritage has been truncated. From a cultural point of view, Chinese are already slaves -  this is not alarmist talk.

Throughout other countries from Europe to Asia, in the process of modernization, national identity has never been so thoroughly lost as in China. In the case of Japan, besides the high-tech industrialization, traditional Japanese customs can still be seen. Even though, according to the opinion of Chinese people, a modern America has almost no history, one can still see similarities between the present and 200 years ago.

The changes in China are not the inevitable natural processes of industrialization and modernization, but through brutality and coercion.  These changes began in 1949, and have continued to the present day. Older generations were forced to give up their traditional culture and the new generations, fully immersed in this kind of ubiquitous environment, assumed that Chinese culture has always been this way. This is the freakish culture created by the Chinese Communist Party, - the Party's culture.

The term culture itself, is difficult to precisely define. The connotation of the word "culture" was gradually formed after the 19th century. In 1952, in the book [Culture: A Critical Review of Concepts and Definitions]  Kroeber and Kluckhohn opined,  'Culture consists of patterns, explicit and implicit, of and for behaviour acquired and transmitted by symbols, constituting the distinctive achievements of human groups, including their embodiment in artefacts; the essential core of culture consists of traditional (i.e. historically derived and selected) ideas and especially their attached values; culture systems may, on the one hand, be considered as products of action, on the other, as conditional elements of future action.’ This definition has been accepted by most later scholars.

According to this definition, a culture consists of two parts, one is the intrinsic values, and the other is explicit and implicit behaviours and thought patterns. Party culture, is patterns of thinking, patterns of communication and behaviour based on the concept of values set by the CCP. It needs to be noted here that the party culture includes three types: the first type, a culture  forcibly instilled into Chinese people’s minds by the Communist Party; second type, a deviant culture created by the masses who try to survive under Communist violence and lies; the third type, deviant and vile behaviours left from history, but re-packaged by Chinese communist theory, and widely promoted and applied.

In most cultural systems, ultimate values are derived from a supreme power beyond the mundane existence. In ancient societies, it was the role of God; in modern society, it is co-chaired by God and the law.

Different from all traditional cultures, the CCP's concept of values, are constantly shifting and regulating, according to the core of power and self-interest. Under party culture, the semi-divine culture left from our ancestors seems a distant memory, people do not believe that nicer things once existed. The reverence towards Heaven and earth passed down by our ancestors was replaced with the fighting against heaven and earth of today. The honourable culture of cultivation is locked in a hat named “superstition” at present. Famous sages, thinkers and their wisdom throughout history were easily trampled under foot on the grounds of the ‘wrong standpoint in class struggle’. For thousands of years we respected virtue and charity, and the five concepts of “benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom and faith” , now regarded as feudal dross, and the  object of ridicule and taunts. It is replaced by this evil system, the party culture of anti-nature, anti-humanity. In this party culture, the highest standard of ethical principles is the party's rights and interests. Chinese people's words and deeds, every thought are all about self-adjusting to the party's culture, people suffer deeply but it is difficult to self-detect and even more difficult to get rid of it.

Articles in this series will look at how the Chinese Communist Party systematically replaced traditional culture, how the system of re-education and indoctrination methods were enforced and the manifestations of people after being 'reformed'. Propaganda commonly used in the party culture, its cultural text and linguistics, life under the party culture and the ways of thinking, language and behavior will be discussed in detail in following chapters.

“Fallen leaves return to the roots”, Chinese people have never stopped trying to revert to their roots. There is a saying spreading among Chinese people outside of China, "we are Chinese descendants, not offspring of Marx and Lenin". It ignites a strong sense of ethnic belonging for many overseas Chinese. This is the time to soberly reflect upon and abandon the Party culture, get rid of the cancer of Marxism-Leninism, disintegrate the party culture, return to the orthodox culture of the Chinese nation and restore ethnic charm.


Disintegrating Communism

I: Systematically substituting traditional culture
1 of II: System of remoulding one's ideology
2 of II: System of remoulding one's ideology
3 of II: System of remoulding one's ideology
1 of III: indoctrination means
2 of III: indoctrination means
3 of III: indoctrination means
1 of IV: peoples behaviour after indoctrination
2 of IV: peoples behaviour after indoctrination
1 of V: common propaganda of party culture
2 of V: common propaganda of party culture
1 of VI: party words became habits
2 of VI: party words became habits
1 of VII: Living under party culture
2 of VII: Living under party culture
1 of VIII: habitual thinking patterns of party culture
2 of VIII: habitual thinking patterns of party culture
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