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Why Didn't Yao Ming Also Sleep?


Yao Ming alone is awake among the sleeping congressmen and women attending the 13th Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress on January 13, 2012. (screenshot)

The former Chinese NBA star Yao Ming was appointed by the Chinese communist party to be a member of the CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference). Yao Ming is also a student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University at present, and at same time conducting his wine business.

Having all those duties to attend to, Chinese bloggers commented on these photos:

"Why did 'Delegate Yao' not sleep?"

"Please have a look: the back of those chairs are so low, even if 'Delegate Yao' slid down in his seat he would still not be able to rest his back properly; but think about it everyone, Yao is a star, and a tall man, if one takes photos, doesn't matter from which angle, one cannot miss Yao. If Yao was caught sleep, what kind of news would we get? ...!  Well, Yao made the right decision, did not sleep, but Yao is dreaming with his eyes open, if you check the photos carefully..."

Bo’s Trial Starts - But What's Missing? PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored Staff   

Finally, the trial of Bo Xilai, the former Chongqing mayor, has begun in the Intermediate Court of Jinan. The trial has come to be the focus of attention among global media, but the major crimes that Bo is not charged with show that the Chinese judicial system is just a farce.

The Chinese government authority claims that Bo embezzled 30 million yuan, but the Japanese newspaper ‘Asashi Shimbun’ sourced from an internal document of the Chinese government, that Bo and his wife Gu Xilai transferred US$60 billion overseas (about RMB 367.2 billion) on 21 April 2012.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Bo saddled more than US$500 billion of liabilities on the people of Chongqing and bankrupted Chongqing’s municipal finance. However, Chongqing people were still being hoodwinked by his deceitful words.

The crime that the Chinese government accuses Bo of excludes all of the following crimes that Bo and his wife committed during the time Bo was in power.

According to a Chinese blogger’s post, an air crash in 2002 was a conspiracy of the Bo couple.

On 7 May 2002, a flight from Beijing International Airport to Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport lost control and crashed onto the outer harbor of Dalian Port. All 103 passengers plus 9 of the crew were killed in the crash. This was the first crash of this airliner. According to the post, however, it was conspired by the Bo couple, who, in order to eliminate their political opponents issued an order to sabotage the airliner and plotted to let a passenger carry an explosive device aboard to detonate the aircraft.

British media reported, one casualty of the air crash was Ms. Li Yanfeng – the special assistant of the Division of Personnel of the Chinese Ministry of State Security - whose husband - Han Xiaoguang - according to the insider, was the boss of the Golden Shine International Hotel of Dalian.

Han Xiaoguang was very close to the political enemies of Bo, i.e. Yu Xuexiang -the former party secretary of Dalian - and Dong Changhai – the former Propaganda Minister of Dalian - whom Bo hated.

The Chinese blog posted: “Ms. Li Yanfeng was specially instructed by some higher official to go to Chongqing, to secretly collect corruption evidence about Bo Xilai and his wife. But despite the secrecy of her task, Bo obtained the information. So they arranged this air crash to stop Li Yanfeng from visiting her husband who was illegally jailed by Bo in Dalian.”

The black box (explosive device) was reported being recovered, but the news of it was never released as Bo was the mayor of Dalian and allegedly suppressed the information.


Bo’s corruption and abuse of basic human rights when he was in power were other crimes that were excluded by the Chinese government.

In order to drag some important higher military official into the ‘Coup’ he plotted, he made large bribes, bent the law for selfish ends, illegally arrested, sentenced and imprisoned thousands and thousands of people without proper trials under the banner of his ‘Red Reform’.

For example, the case of Mr. Li Jun, who was one of Chongqing’s top 50 billionaires at that time - the boss of the Junfeng Group - whose assets were stolen by Bo and given to Zhang Ha yang - the former political commissar of Chengdu’s military region - during Bo’s ‘Red Reform’ campaign.

This bribe by Bo was in preparation for the ‘Coup’ he plotted. So he ordered  Wang Lijun - the then head of the Public Security Bureau (PSB) in Chongqing - and Guo Weiguo - Wang’s assistant - to prepare charges against Li Junin and arrested him illegally twice, once on 4 December 2009 and once on 24 August 2010 for the ‘crime’ of corruption, although Li Jun was a business man with a very good reputation in Chongqing who converted to Christianity; his company, Jun Feng group donated more than RMB 300,000 to the victims of Wenchuan earthquake in 2008.

Wang Lijun and his then Chongqing Police Bureau also illegally arrested Li Jun’s wife and 25 of his relatives, jailed them, froze all their assets, managed all Li Jun’s businesses, confiscated all of his liquid assets and forced him to flee overseas without a cent.

When Li Jun arrived in Canada he went without food for 2 days.  Eventually he offered a Chinese restaurant to work for food.  The restaurateur noticed he was in distress and offered him a job.  Li Jun kept quite about his experiences for a long time.


An independent journalist from Beijing, Ms. Gao Yu posted in her mini-blog: ”Judging by the crime of Gu Kailai, and the final judgement the court made for her, I felt that her case should be retried as there were a lot of crimes not considered in the previous trial. The connections of her crimes with her son and her husband is just a political trade between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Bo. The court session can only begin when a political deal is reached.”

The crimes against humanity that were excluded in the trial.

In order to please Jiang Zemin - the then Chinese chairman - in the persecution of Falun Gong, during the period that Bo ruled Dalian and Liaoning, he and his wife, cruelly and secretly removed the organs of detained Falun Gong practitioners while they were still alive and sold them for profit - a crime that was later widely duplicated and committed all over China.

When BO served as the Governor of Liaoning province, he promoted Wang Lijun from the Public Security Bureau of Tieling to be the Director of the Public Security Bureau of Jinzhou. ‘The Psychological Research Center’ was part of that bureau where Wang was alleged to experiment on live organ transplanting and other experiments with Falun Gong practitioners.  The project’s purpose was to anaesthetize the ‘donor’ so that organs could be removed while the ‘donor’ was still alive so that organs were in prime condition for the transplant procedure.

This transplantation research was in collaboration with the research units from China’s Medical University, Jinzhou Medical College and Jinzhou People’s Liberation Army No. 205 hospital to do organ removal experiments and other human body experiments, all of which are now alleged to have been carried out on live Falun Gong practitioners with the purpose to sell the organs for massive profits.

When Wang Lijun fled to the US Consulate to apply for political asylum in 2012, he presented all the evidence that he held on the Bo couple about organ harvesting from live and dead bodies to the US embassy. That is why the current US Congress asked the US Government to reveal the evidence of the ‘Organ Harvesting’ crimes.

It is said that this information only spread within the Chinese Communist Party’s leadership, otherwise if these truths were revealed to the public the CCP would collapse immediately.

Jiang Weiping, a veteran mainland Chinese journalist said: ”the crimes that the Bo couple committed are dreadful ( beyond the imagination of any human being) and they will not be able to repay their crimes even if they were sentenced to death ten times over. The reason for them to be treated lightly is that there is no independent judiciary in China."



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