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Corruption: What a Difference a Month Makes!

Screenshot at Chinese news on 12th January 2011. about Liu Zhijun.

Screenshot from Chinese news on 12th Feburary, 2011, Liu Zhijun.

Liu Zhinjun was the Minister of Railways in the People's Republic of China from 2003 to 2011. Liu was dismissed as Minister on February 25, 2011, because of allegations of corruption.

Wuhan Pneumonia Cover Up - A Timeline PDF Print E-mail
Suppressed News

25th Jan 2020, Chinese New Year's Day, started with more than 18 cities under military lock down and food and water shortages in many supermarkets across the heavily guarded areas.


2020, the Chinese Year of the Rat started with a similar depressed tone to the Year of the Pig 2019, in which hundreds of thousands of pigs were infected with swine flu and had to be slaughtered, with many countries banning the importing of any meat products from China, while now, the “Wuhan Pneumonia” reported on the 8th December 2019, to have similar symptoms to rat related plague, has progressed alarmingly with an increasing number of cases reported internationally.


How has the situation developed to this stage? Here is a timeline of events in China:


8th Dec. 2019, the first reports of the disease were spreading among the public but not acknowledged by the Chinese regime.

30th Dec. 2019, An <Emergency notice on the treatment of unexplained pneumonia> quietly spread on the internet. The notice read: according to emergency order from above, people who have been to Huanan seafood and wildlife animals market in our city have contracted pneumonia with unknown cause. Every unit please immediately take detailed review of characteristics of the pneumonia patients and send your statistical form (stamped and scanned) to Wuhan City Health Bureau by 4pm today, 30th Dec.  Contact persons for this notice with no title listed. No signature. The notice has an official stamp.

The unexplained pneumonia refers to the following four cases of pneumonia that cannot be definitively diagnosed having the following 4 symptoms: fever over (38 degrees C), with characteristics of pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome, decreased total number of leukocytes in early onset, or decreased classification of lymphocytic cells, and no significant improvement in the condition after treated with antibiotic standard treatment for 3 to 5 days.

31st Dec, Caijin News contacted Wuhan Health Bureau, to confirm if this notice was genuine, and the Bureau confirmed it to be so.


1st Jan, 8 people (netizens) were arrested for spreading “untrue messages" about the disease outbreak online.

Some posts online stated that one doctor in a hospital refused to take patients who had been to Huanan seafood market, worried that it was too dangerous a condition for his/her hospital to deal with. ..(but certainly too scared and powerless to seek help from higher authorities). This doctor was invited to "talk" with higher officials.

Chinese bloggers could not find the online posts of the 8 people arrested. Their names and situation are unknown.

China closed the Wuhan Huanan seafood market on 1st Jan, according to news report: because some patients worked there.  It is not known how many cases there are or their condition.

China reported to the World Health Organization (WHO), that pneumonia cases had appeared in Wuhan City Hubei Province, with no known cause. Numbers of cases unknown.

3rd Jan, China announced there are 44 “unconfirmed” cases.

5th Jan, Chinese authority announced that the disease will not spread like SARS of 2002-2003. ( International authorities have stated that it could, in fact, spread 8-10 times faster than SARS.


7th Jan, Chinese authorities announced that they had determined that the cause of the new disease was a coronavirus. Corona viruses are a large class of virus that can cause different degrees of disease from the common cold to fatalities. The virus usually comes from animals, some of which can be transmitted to humans and spread from person to person.

7th Jan, the WHO announced that they named this new virus : 2019-nCoV.

9th Jan, first death reported by China, 61 year old male from Wuhan. In addition to respiratory failure and severe pneumonia symptoms, patients also suffer from abdominal tumors and chronic liver disease.

Chinese New Year starts on the 25th Jan, usually there are 15 million people in and out of Wuhan during the festival month (before and after new year).

13th Jan, Thailand authorities confirmed that a female who visited Wuhan Huanan seafood market had contracted the disease.


14th Jan, Hong Kong radio and television stations following Hong Kong medical professors to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital to study the outbreak, were taken away by public security. Reporters were forced to delete the contents of the interview and video clips, reporters were also told to hand over the telephone and photographic equipment for inspection, and they were released after an hour's intimidation by officials.

15th Jan, China reported 2nd patient, a 69 year old old male who died from multiple organ failure.

17th Jan, 2 further cases reported in Thailand.

A male netizen with the online name "Mr. Tree sss" (“樹先生sss” ) posted on Weibo that all three of his family members were suspected of contracting the unknown pneumonia: his father had been treated in isolation by Jinyintan Hospital, and that his mother had been refused treatment by the hospital for lack of beds. His posts were deleted, and his Weibo registration was also cancelled.

19th Jan, Wuhan mayor, Zhou Xianwang, held the 20th Wuhan Wanjia Banquet, (Wanjia means tens of thousands of families), it was reported that 40,000 families took part in this banquet and they shared 13986 dishes.

(40000 Wuhan families at banquet.) (screenshot from google search).


20th Jan, Korea confirmed 1 case of infection in which the patient had been to the seafood market.

Chinese media reported that President Xi, in a speech on 19th Jan, asked what local government were doing to stop the virus spreading.


21st Jan, Professor Guan Yi, of Neoviral Diseases, University of Hong Kong, and his team went to Wuhan for an inspection, but said the source of the disease may have been destroyed and estimated that the outbreak may be ten times more severe than that year's SARS. He said, "Wuhan local health protection has not been upgraded, the public has no feeling for the outbreak, the local government has not even provided any isolation guidelines for the people out of the city, and in my personal observation and research, up to the 22nd Wuhan is still an unguarded city", and the locals do not seem to welcome experts."

WHO announced that the 2019-nCoV virus can be spread from person to person. 

22nd Jan, China admitted that there are 556 infections and 17 death in China.  WHO could not make a determination as to whether this disease is a severe infectious one, or an emergent event.

22nd Jan, news media inside China was reporting that 2019-nCoV virus iis weaker than SARS but has a much stronger ability to mutate.


23rd Jan, at 2 am, Xinhua news (the regime mouthpiece) announced that at 10am the 11 million population of Wuhan city will be locked down according to The Prevention and Control Command of pneumonia outbreak of new coronavirus infection in Wuhan City".  Transport in major highways connected to Wuhan were already under strict checking process, and traffic had already stopped at some roads one day earlier.

In between 2am to 10am on 23rd Jan, 300 thousand people "escaped" from Wuhan via train, Wuhan railway proudly announced.


A number of bloggers who posted online demanding that the  mayor of Wuhan resign, were reported being arrested.


There are mobile phone clips showing people dropping to ground whilst walking. and medical personel called to retrieve bodies. People died in hospital corridors before being examined, sheets were used to cover the bodies, and patients were waiting beside dead bodies.


23rd Jan, Evening, 18 cities in Hubei Province, were lock down without notice.


24th Jan, The whole of Hubei Province was locked down, military personel with semi automatic rifles were on guard.

A Shanghai netizen posted that 32 people had died in Shanghai hospitals of 2019-nCoV symptoms. Another netizen posted that 150 thousand people arrived in Shanghai from Wuhan since 31st Dec. 2019 to 22nd Jan 2020.

There are many wildlife animals markets around the country in China, none has be ordered to close so far.


25th Jan. 2020 Chinese New year, 2019-nCoV cases were confirmed in Korea; Japan; Taiwan; Thailand; Singapore; Vietnam; Nepal; America; France; Australia; Malaysia.

(Road blockages on many roads connected to Hubei Province) (photos)

Bottom right: red banners and rope around the house: Sign says Please do not visit.(screenshot from Epoch Times)


There are only 2 countries that have P4 level Biosafe laboratories in the world, the US and China. China’s P4 laboratory was setup in Wuhan in 2015 after a Chinese representative was selected as chairman of the WHO.  

What is a level 4 disease?

Diseases that have high fatality rates and have no known treatments are considered level 4 diseases. An example of a level 4 disease is Ebola virus, a disease that causes headache, muscle pain, fever, impaired liver and kidney function, and in some cases, death.


In April 2019, Hubei Province held a Joint Health Emergency Exercise of Health Dep and Military, reported by the Epoch Times (in Chinese).

A netizen reported that the exercise simulated coping with an outbreak of a disease similar to SARS, and that it was in preparation for this current Wuhan virus.







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