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The Colourful Result Of 62 Years Communist Rule

The successful launch of a satellite. (screenshot)

Banquet held on 30th Sep, 2011 in Beijing by communist leaders to celebrate 62 years of rule in China. (screenshot)

Chinese citizen, China's Red Cross 'Jewel', Guo Meimei with her sports car and designer's bag. (screenshot)

Chinese citizen, Bo Guagua, son of high communist official, Bo Xilai, (who ordered millions of Shichuan people to sing "Red songs" for over five month)  at a party. (screenshot)

The future masters of China in their classroom right now. (screenshot)

Chinese are laying foundation for a new Skyscraper? (screenshot)

Chinese "younger" workers adding to the national GDP by collecting loose coal in the rain on 13th July, 2011. (screenshot)


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Why Did 3 People Die in Nato Bombing of Chinese Embassy? PDF Print E-mail
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In March 1999, Nato electronic intelligence (Elint) detected the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade sending military signals for Milosevic's forces, after the communist Chinese had allowed the Yugoslav army to move its communication centre to the basement of the embassy.

The Chinese embassy was acting as a rebroadcast station for the Yugoslav army after Nato jets had successfully silenced Milosevic's own transmitters. The station were also monitoring the cruise missile attacks on Belgrade, with a view to developing effective counter-measures against US missiles.

The then US president, Bill Clinton, made a personal phone call to Jiang Zemin, and gave an ultimatum after many discussions between the two countries re removing the Yugoslav communication station had no result. Jiang was informed of the time of the bombing, to allow embassy personals to evacuate. According to an employee of the embassy, 2 journalists, one with his spouse, went to the embassy at that time.

These 3 people were invited by embassy employees to go out for a drink, but they refused, and chose to stay inside the embassy.  Chinese Embassy staff could not tell them that they had orders to evacuate at that time due to security clearance level.

On 7th May, Nato bombed the Chinese Embassy and three persons were killed, two journalists, and a relative. as reported by Chinese official media.

The US official announcement was a "locational mistake", but insiders confirmed that the military signal equipment was destroyed by the bombs that precisely landed in the basement.


Why did Jiang want Nato to bomb Chinese embassy?

After the bombing, the Chinese people were furious. Jiang made Hu Jintao face the angry populace in a bid to discredit his popular rival, but the main reason was to distract the Chinese people's and the world's attention from the Falun Gong petition at Zhongnanhai and his subsequent defeat within the politburo, and to be able to start his 'personal war' with the spiritual practice.


At the end of 1998, Jiang Zemin was so jealous of the popularity and fast growth of Falun Gong in China, that he ordered a secret investigation to find an excuse that he could use to outlaw the practice.

The Falun Gong principles of "Truthfullness, Compassion and Tolerance" were anathema to Jiang Zemin, as his father had been working for the Japanese during its invasion of China in the 1930's, Jiang himself had a lot to hide, and his popularity was never matched to his post.

After more than six months of secret investigations, nothing negative could be found to use as an excuse to outlaw Falun Gong.

On April 25, 1999, in order to fight for the right to practice and freedom of belief after many incidents of official harassment, about 10 thousand Falun Gong practitioners from Beijing and nearby provinces peacefully appealed at the Petition Office of the State Council in Zhonnanhai, Beijing. The then, Prime Minister Zhu Rongji met with practitioners and agreed to resolve the harassment of the practice and the practitioners went home peacefully without incident.

The international community highly praised the peacefulness and rationality of the Falun Gong practitioners, and Zhu's response. It was regarded as the biggest, and most successful petition in Chinese petition history.

After the petition on April 25, Jiang Zemin convened the Standing Committee of the Politburo to urge a crackdown on Falun Gong, but the then Politburo members, Zhu Rongji, Hu Jintao, Li Ruihuan, Wei Jianxing and Li Lanqing all voted against it with Li Peng abstaining, and Jiang’s plan was defeated.

Jiang was very embarassed at the time, because he was determined to crack down on Falun Gong, and his main 'rival' Zhu Rongji had won respect because of the way he handled the petition.


He was able to use the Chinese people's anger with the Chinese leadership after the embassy bombing to cement his leadership and he forced the politburo members to reluctantly comply with his plans to discredit Falun Gong.

Jiang and his close ally, Luo Gan, established  “the Chinese Communist Party's Leadership Group to Deal with the Falun Gong Issue “ (the 610 office, the Chinese Gestapo) on June 10th, 1999 which was overseen by Li Lanqing and Luo Gan, Li Lanqing was the group leader.

Jiang Zemin launched the bloody persecution of Falun Gong on July 20th, 1999, and issued orders to "defame Falun Gong, physically destroy them and financially bankrupt them," and "torture deaths of practitioners are counted as suicide and police can directly cremate them without investigating".

Jiang boasted that he would 'eradicate Falun Gong in three months'.

Despite the vicious lies and slander spread by the regime's media mouthpieces, the torture, rape and murder of practitioners, and the horrific organ harvesting from living practitioners, the regime has not succeeded in eradicating Falun Gong.

Falun Gong practitioners persist in practising “Truth, Compassion and Tolerance“, and disclosing the truth of the persecution, and since May last year, more than 200,000 Falun Gong practitioners and their relatives have filed suit against Jiang Zemin for his crimes against humanity.

Now, with many supporters of Jiang Zemin already in jail, Jiang's days are numbered.



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