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Communist China Job 'Interviews'


On 27th November, at a restauraunt in Chengdu, Shichuan Province, 80 large companies held job interviews with 40 applicants. The job applicants (pictured above) all had higher education.

They were also required to do a presentation about themselves, including the 'cat walk' on the stage as shown.

Job interview session in Chengdu, Shichuan. 27th Nov. 2010. (screenshot)

Job interview session in Chengdu, Shichuan. 27th Nov. 2010. (screenshot)

Job interview session in Chengdu, Shichuan. 27th Nov. 2010. (screenshot)


Why is Beijing Afraid to Set Lawyer Gao Free? PDF Print E-mail
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Since Chinese human rights lawyer, Gao Zhisheng was released from prison on August 7th, 2014, he has been under house arrest at his father-in-law’s home, and has been closely monitored by the Public Security Bureau. Every day there are two groups of police inside his family house, watching them!

Gao’s wife, Geng He sent messages on Twitter on Oct. 17th, saying these police have made it impossible for Gao and her father’s family to go about their normal life. Mr. Gao was forced to brandish a kitchen chopper at the door one day in front of these police: “I will chop anyone who dare to enter this door again in the future.” Since then, the police have stayed outside of the house, but there are still 2 groups in shifts, watching the house.

Gao has been closely monitored by the police and forbidden to contact the outside world - his father-in-law’s family home has become another prison.

Geng He wrote, that Gao once told the police: “it is your job to check me every day, however, you have made it impossible for us to work and live our normal life, you might as well send me back to prison.”

Geng He also said that after being kept so long in prison, Gao’s physical condition is very bad, especially his teeth. Six of his teeth are very loose, two teeth fell out when he was  in jail…. so these days he can only eat baby food.

Beijing authorities refused to let Gao return to his home in Beijing, and refuse to allow him to check his teeth in Xi’an, where better treatment is available. They forced him to have treatment in a small town in Xingjiang, to have one of his teeth removed, it bled none stop afterwards and was life threatening.

Gao Zhisheng was one of the top 10 lawyers in China, and when he discovered the inhuman torture and persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, he decided to speak out against this crime of genocide. Gao then endured many “disappearances” ---being kidnapped by Chinese police unlawfully, after he wrote three open letters to Hu Jingtao, the then Chinese leader, and also to the US Congress. After one jail period Gao once again risked his life to reveal the torture he endured inside jail.

Gao was brutally beaten by security police while covered by a black hood, they also stripped him naked on many occasions, shocking him with electric batons and  using bamboo sticks to poke his genitals, and Gao said he pleaded to die.

Why is Beijing afraid to free lawyer Gao?

The communist party is afraid of its crimes against humanity being further disclosed to the world by Gao, especially, the live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners. The Chinese Communist Party, as the Nine Commentaries explained, is an illegitimate organization; an organized criminal entity, conducting terror and genocide in China. As an Australian politician, Mr. Clive Palmer frankly pointed out: "The Chinese government are "mongrels'' who shoot their own people."

The situation is clear, for Chinese people to have a normal society, with freedom of speech and belief, for China to regain proper progress and healthy economic development, the Chinese Communist Party cannot co-exist with Chinese people, and it is terrified that exposure of its crimes will lead to this demise.



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