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Requirements for Communist Party Photographers

The former communist leader, Jiang Zemin at a congress meeting. (screenshot)

A reporter in China visited a local media center, and saw pages of requirements for photographers on how to take photos for communist leaders stuck on the wall. There are dozens of requirements, including: light exposure must be good to show the positive aspect of the leader; choose the right posture of the leader; do not include food in the photo when leaders are having meal; do not include people holding umbrella for the leader....

The photos below were spread around China when former communist head, Jiang Zemin was in power, they were taken while Jiang was at a national congress meeting.

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Following the downfall of Xu Caihou, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, the leading Chinese Communist Party (CCP) mouthpieces released articles implying thatXu’s boss is a party-leader-level “super big tiger”. Commentators claim that, former CCP leader Jiang Zemin had used corruption and blackmail to make party and military officers loyal to him. As Jiang’s followers fall from their positions one by one they must have confessed their connection with Jiang. If so, the current leader Xi Jinping would unavoidably have to take down Jiang Zemin himself, in the end.

Soon after Xu Caihou’s downfall, CCP mouthpieces and both published an article titled: “Why does French procuratorate dare to investigate the former president?” The article questioned “Are there higher-level corrupt officials behind those who have fallen?” “Who ‘trained’ and promoted those corrupt officials?” “Are those promotions intentionally made to serve for someone or simply oversights?”

The article further commented that some Chinese might think that investigation of presidential-level individuals such as Sarkozy is shameful to the state. Therefore there are always groups who spare no efforts to protect former party leaders in China. “Indeed, that is nothing but their wishful thinking and Chinese people won’t regard it as a shame.”

Ultimate courage is to investigate Sarkozy-level “big tigers”, saying “Eliminate them, now or never”.


Xia Xiaoqiang, political commentator:”Two possibilities here. The first is to make preparations for future moves against Jiang Zemin. The second can be a reflection of public opinions. The fact is, Jiang Zemin is the culprit that almost every Chinese detests for his persecution of ordinary people. Without taking down Jiang, Chinese society can hardly get onto the track for sound development.”

After simultaneous publication by two party mouthpieces, the article was widely copied by most Chinese major news websites.

On July 11,, an overseas Chinese website that is said to relate to Jiang Zemin, published an article saying that Xinhua’s article was a call to investigate Jiang Zemin without naming him.

The article said Jiang Zemin made the decision to persecute Falun Gong and inhuman atrocities such as live organ harvesting; It was also Jiang that put Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang up to plot the military coup against Xi Jinping; Jiang also made several attempts to assassinate Hu Jintao, and asked Zhou Yongkang to assassinate Xi Jinping twice. The article said, all those acts seriously hit Xi Jinping’s bottom line and Xi has no reason to let him off.

The article commented that Chinese media were trying to make people feel that Xu Caihou’s downfall would soon lead to Jiang’s doom. The author however believes that it is still not the right time for Xi Jinping to arrest Jiang; Xi needs more preparations in future “tiger hunting” battles and propaganda campaign.

Liu Yinquan, former Chinese professor of history:”After being put into prison, Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou will definitely say that they had followed Jiang’s orders. Zhou Yongkang embezzled a lot and most of the money must have been submitted to Jiang. Therefore Zhou also has to confess to that, to save his own life. All corrupt officials will finally give up Jiang’s name after falling. I believe the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) already has a full house of materials against Jiang, So Xi will unavoidably encounter Jiang even if he does not want to.”

The CCDI recently said that over 60,000 high-level CCP officials had fallen in the anti-corruption campaign. Jiang Zemin’s agent in army, Xu Caihou was announced by Xi Jinping himself to be expelled from the party and was transferred to military procuratorate. Zhou Yongkang is believed to be already under control. Li Dongsheng was also arrested. The former head of CCTV and Minister for Public Security had helped Jiang in persecuting Falun Gong by plotting the false “self-immolation” stunt in Tiananmen Square.

Another of Jiang’s followers in the army, Guo Boxiong was detained in Qincheng Prison on corruption charges. Guo’s son, Guo Zhenggang and his wife were also brought away by Military Discipline Inspection officers for investigation.

Since last October, Jiang Zemin’s name has “disappeared” many times off official reports of memorial meetings. On July 14, CCP mouthpiece reported that Xi Jinping, Hu Jintao and Zhu Rongji attended the memorial meeting of a provincial standing committee member in Tibet. Jiang’s name was not in the report, which is regarded as a signal of banning Jiang Zemin.

Sources close to the CCDI also revealed that former CCP vice chairman Zeng Qinghong had been detained in Tianjin. Zeng was regarded as the No.2 figure of Jiang’s faction. Commentators say that the arrest of Zeng suggests Xi is taking real steps in finalizing his campaign against Jiang and his followers.



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