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A group of Chinese travelers in Egypt saw Chinese writing carved on a statue in the ancient Luxor Temple, it says: " Ding jinhao was here."

Chinese tourists tried to wipe it off with tissue paper, but to no avail. Some of them took photos and put on a blog:"We are so ashamed, how can one just carve things on such precious 3500 years old relics?" The news was quickly spread by thousands of bloggers, and the culprit was found in just over 24 hours. Ding jinhao, a high school student in Nanjing province. Chinese demanded the student and his parents apologize....

The parents of Ding jinhao contacted the Chinese media, and passed on their apology: "This is a bad act of (our) child, but as parents we should bear the main blame as we did not guide him properly, we did no give him proper teaching (in manners), We (my wife and I) and our child apologize to the Egyptian authorities; we also apologize to all the people in our country who take this matter seriously. I beg everyone's pardon for my child's wrong action, and I beg everyone to give this child a chance to act right in the future. "

(According to ancient Chinese custom, parents usually bear the main responsibility for their children's behaviour.)

Luxor Temple, Egypt. Photo from Wikipedia

Shichuan Earthquake May Have Ignited Nuclear Explosion PDF Print E-mail
Real China

Some Chinese bloggers suggest that the reason for the Shichuan earthquake to be so strong was because it ignited underground nuclear explosions.  Many Chinese believe that to be true. The horror is that there might have been a few hundred people working inside the nuclear facilities who could have been buried without leaving a trace.


Beichuan and Wenchuan had a few underground nuclear facilities, but there were also several ammunition factories in that area, only known by code name. One factory had a hundred people working at its site.


Lu Dong, a spokesperson for the Chinese Christian Democratic Party in the US, explained during a protest of over 50 Christians outside the Chinese Embassy in New York last May: “There is evidence, there were a series of nuclear explosions, the vegetation on the mountains was charred and local humans and animals had radio-active symptoms of radiation after the 5.12 earthquake. It was not merely the Wenchuan earthquake as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claimed, but a series of nuclear explosions occurring afterwards that made the damage to Beichuan so catastrophic. However, the CCP made use of the earthquake to rob the victims of the ¥71 billion yuan donations from all over the world.


Lu Dong researched the cause of the Beishuan earthquake from the blog of Feng Xiang, who mysteriously committed suicide one year after the earthquake. Lu Dong collected important information from the blog.


Feng Xiang used to be the vice-minister of Civil Affairs of the Propaganda Department of Beichuan County. As his son died in the May 12 Beichuan earthquake he started to search for the true cause and circumstances of the disaster. One year later he committed suicide after leaving a mysterious note, “My existence is their fear, and I’m their opponent, how would they celebrate if one of their opponents suddenly passed away!”


According to Lu Dong, the ministry of Civil Affairs announced that the CCP allocated the donated funds from overseas of 71 billion yuan to the CCP's army.  Lu said that Sichuan was CCP’s main military base to develop nuclear weapons, and the explosions of 12 May 2008 destroyed most of the CCP’s nuclear arsenal. “It’s God’s will” said Lu, “so the CCP could not commit crimes towards Chinese people and the world anymore.”


“If the CCP made use of the donations of the people to rebuild their nuclear weapons, it would shock the world’s people”, he said, "Facing the CCP’s juggernaut, we just could not keep silent and pretend to be ignorant, as it would be no worse than being the accomplices of the CCP. Exposing the truth is the way to be responsible to the Chinese and keep the people in mainland China away from disasters."



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