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Revealed:  True History of China

A couple of decades ago, a few Chinese scholars discovered through research that the real modern Chinese history is different from the school text books censored by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Some of those research papers were secretly spread among some Chinese scholars, but a real nightmare to the CCP, was a book called "WHICH IS THE NEW CHINA?" (translation from Chinese) , written by a famous Chinese scholar,  Dr Xin Haonian and published in the US. It details the rise of the CCP as a mob of gangsters taking every grain of power by the tearing up of contracts, abandoning promises, kidnapping, robbery, cheating innocent people etc.

While in the US, Dr Xin published over 30 papers on history and in 1999 presented to the world his magnum opus "WHICH IS THE NEW CHINA?", which took him 14 years of painstaking and sometimes dangerous effort. His ground-breaking publication shocked the Chinese intellectual communities both inside and outside of China. In 2000, Dr Xin received the Wan Ren Jie News and Culture Award and in 2002 he received the Outstanding Chinese Pro-Democracy Activist Award both of the US.

Many Chinese scholars and even Communist party members secretly obtained a copy of this book. But unfortunately, many western scholars interested in learning Chinese history still stick with the text books promulgated by the CCP, that not surprisingly lead to the wrong understanding of China.

The Chinese official textbook and followers of Mr Mao Zedong always boast that it was Chairman Mao who led the Chinese to overthrow the three big mountains, subverted  the imperialists,  repealed the corrupted reactionary government , abolished the unequal treaties signed with the western powers, and abolished all the privileges that the imperialist powers enjoyed in China....

Therefore, a question often asked by some westerners is:  "Isn't it the Chinese communists that got rid of those foreign countries that colonized many Chinese places and that helped the Chinese people to start their own country?"


Well, if you read the simple evidence below - obtained from the works of Dr Xin Haonian - you would realize that you just had a first-hand experience of the lies of the CCP. It was the Republic Government of China that achieved all those accomplishments for the Chinese, and it had nothing to do with Chairman Mao.

The relevant time lists for the Chinese to recover their foreign concessions follow:

1919 - Recovery of theTianjin and Hankou Concession controlled by Germany, Austria and France;

1924 - Recovery Concession of abandoned former Soviet Russia;

1927 - Recovery of Jiujiang Concession controlled by the British;

1929 - Recovery of part of Tianjin and Zhenjiang  Concessions controlled by the British;

1930 - Recovery of Xiamen Concession controlled by the British;

1943 - Recovery of Tianjin and Guangzhou Concession controlled by the British and  the Shanghai, Xiamen International Settlement controlled by the shared power of the British, American and  Belgians;

1945 - Recovery of all the Japanese concessions in China;

1946 - Recovery of Shanghai, Tianjing, Hankou and Guangzhou Concessions controlled by the French, and the Shanghai and Xiamen international settlement controlled by French;

1947 - Recovery of all of the Tianjing Concession controlled by the Italians and the Shanghai and Xiamen International Settlement controlled by the Italians.

By that time, all the concessions controlled by the imperialists were recovered.

Time-line for recovery of other concessions and for the abortion of unequal treaties:

1.Recovery of the Jiaozhou Bay  1922, 2, 4 - "Sino- Japanese Treaty of solving unsolved Shandong"

2.Recovery of the Weihai Bay 1930, 4,18  - "Sino- British Settlement and Agreed Weihai Wei Pact "

3.Recovery of the Guangzhou Bay, 1945, 8, 18 - "Sino- French Guangzhou Bay Concession Treaty"

The time-line for withdrawal of all the Tariff Autonomy Treaties

1.Sino - American  1928, 7, 25

2.Sino - Norwegian  1928, 11, 22

3.Sino- Belgian    1928, 11, 22

4.Sino - Italian   1928, 11, 27

5.Sino- Danes  1928, 12 , 12

6.Sino- Portuguese   1928, 12, 19

7.Sino- Dutch   1928, 12, 19

8.Sino- British   1928, 12, 20

9.Sino- Swedish 1928, 12, 20

10.Sino- French    1928, 12, 22

11.Sino- Spanish  1928, 12 , 27

12.Sino - Japanese  1930, 5, 6

The time line for calling back the extraterritoriality and exchanging letters for other privileged treaties

1.Exchanging letters between  Sino- Mexican     1929, 10, 31

2.Sino- British,    1943, 1, 11

3. Sino- American   1943, 1, 11

4. Sino- Brazilians  1943,  8, 1

5.Sino- Norwegian  1943, 11, 10

6.Sino- Belgian  1943, 11, 20

7.Sino- Swedish   1945, 4, 5

8.Sino- Canadian  1944, 4, 14

9.Sino- Dutch   1945,5, 29

10.Sino- French   1946, 2,28

11.Exchanging letters between Sino - Swiss  1946, 3, 13

12.Sino - Danes    1946, 5, 20

13.Exchanging letter between Sino - Portuguese   1947, 4, 7

14.Sino- Spanish   1953, 2, 19 (the Republic Government of China was already in  Taiwan )

What the CCP actually did for China since they took power in 1949:

1.         Oct 1950, signed by Premier Zhou Enlai, under pressure from Russia, the declaration of the Mongolian independence;

2.        Aug 15, 1951, Premier Zhou Enlai declared that the Senkaku Islands, also known as the Diaoyu Islands belong to Japan;

3.         1956,  the CCP banned Chinese fishermen to stop fishing  around the Spratly Islands, which consists of about 230 islands in the South China Sea, but in 1986, when the Ban was lifted, Chinese fishermen found out that many island were occupied by other countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, etc.;

4.        December 11, 1999, President Jiang Zeming signed a declaration to give Russia more than 1 million square kilometres of Chinese land, an area equal in size to that of three North-Eastern Chinese provinces combined or 40 times the size of Taiwan.  The President also agreed to give Russia the exit point to the Tumen River, cutting off North-East China from the Sea of Japan.