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The grandson of former Chinese communist leader, Deng Xiaoping, 29 year old Deng Zhuoli (English name: David Zhuo) is the Deputy County Executive of Pingguo County, Guangxi Province in China.

Chinese bloggers have many questions to ask the communist regime about Deng Zhuoli.


Deng Zhouli changed his name to David Zhuo, before he studied at Duke University School of Law in North Carolina USA. Zhuo is the surname of his grandmother, Deng Xiaoping's wife, Zhuo Ling.


According to Boxun News, in November 2011, David Zhuo was arrested in September 2011 by New York police in regard to sexual assault allegations.


After graduating from Law school, David Zhuo worked in a law firm in Wall Street, New York. Zhuo and another female Chinese student went to New Jersey to handle an inheritance case. After they sorted out the case, David Zhuo was arrested by police for sexual assault of his female colleague. But David was released the next day. David Zhuo had settled privately with the female for US$200,000. After this, David moved to another law firm to work, the female student went to Germany.


Deng Xiaoping's youngest son, Deng Zefang and his wife, Liu Xiaoyuan went to study in the USA in 1983, Deng Zhuoli was born in 1984. According to American law, Deng Zhuoli is a naturalized American citizen since he was born in the US. Zhouli is the only grandson of Deng Xiaoping. Both Deng Zefang and his wife Liu Xiaoyuan are now American citizens.


Deng Zhuoli's father, Deng Zefang was involved in a huge corruption case related to the  China Capital steel group (Shougang) in 1995. In 1996, his partner, Zhou Beifang was sentenced to death, but Zhou served only 2 years in jail under Deng Zefang's protection, and left China with wife and daughter. after he was released. To thank Zhou Beifang for taking the blame, Deng gave Zhou 3000 Mo of land (Chinese land scale) and other financial benefits.


It was reported by Chinese media, that Deng Zefang controlled some major Chinese financial groups, and had embezzled 150 billion yuan (approx $250 million) by that time. After Zhou Beifang's case was exposed, Deng Zefang, David Zhuo's father left China, and now resides in the USA.


29 year old Deng Zhuoli's new post attracted many questions from Chinese bloggers.


One said: All siblings of anti American pioneers raised in America, become American citizens, and then come back to China to lead the anti American movement. When their crimes of all sorts are disclosed, they go back to live in America again, What is going on?


Another blogger: the (communist) leaders always condemn "foreign forces behind anti China" movement, why do we have grandpa or father of foreigners sit in our government? Does Deng Zhuoli have a Chinese passport?