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More power changes expected in Shanghai.

The chief of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, Mr. Zhang Xuebing has been arrested.

The Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection announced on March 28th that Zhang Xuebing, the deputy mayor of Shanghai and chief of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, was suspected of serious political and economical issues and was under arrest.

Another major figure, the former Shanghai Politics and Law Committee secretary, a nephew of former communist leader Jiang Zemin, Mr. Wu Zhiming had his passport confiscated on suspicion of major economic corruption.

Two open business flight tickets to Europe via Hong Kong, were found in Mr. Zhang’s office safe, as well as more than a dozen foreign passports and bank books with pseudonyms.

According to Trends magazine in Hong Kong, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the deputy secretary of the Shanghai Commission for Discipline Inspection and police went to Mr. Zhang’s residence  in two small vans and one military jeep. When Mr. Zhang saw the deputy secretary of the Shanghai Commission for Discipline Inspection, he was very nervous, but he tried his best to calm himself and said: "I am just modifying the 'self confession' to be submitted to the Shanghai Municipal Committee and the Shanghai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection."

The entourage ordered Mr. Zhang to surrender the password and key to his safe in the public security bureau and in his residency .

According to information obtained from the Commission, foreign passports in fake names from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, and Australia, were found. They confiscated 12 bank accounts, ten with false names with deposits of more than 1.77 billion yuan (approx $286 million US), and two other bank accounts in his real name.  More than 3100  pornographic disks and books from Europe and Japan an two business flight tickets via Hong Kong to Europe were also found in the safe.

Apparently Mr. Zhang knew that the net was closing around him, so he had asked his relatives in Germany and Australia to help him with a plan for his escape but was arrested bfore he could do so.

Mr. Zhang was accused of having falsified his education and job experience. He led  a "typical life style" of communist leaders, excessive banquets, sex and so on. Zhang had also sold original Chinese paintings from unknown sources. Since he was promoted to the positions of deputy mayor and Chief of the Public Security Bureau of Shanghai, the five top hotels in Shanghai had to allocate two business suites for him, so that he could indulge his 'party' lifestyle whenever he wanted.

The main objective of the Political and Law Committee of the CCP is to suppress and persecute citizens who challenge Communist rule.

The committee takes orders directly from Zhou Yongkang for the last decade. To Chinese people, the name of the committee embodies fear. Mr. Cheng Guangcheng, the blind activist and his family were persecuted under direct orders of this office. Cheng Guangcheng's relatives are still in grave danger. Organ harvesting from alive Falun Gong practitioners is one of the profitable ventures that are under the systematic control of the Political and Law Committee of the CCP.

The committee has used extreme measures to silence and persecute citizens who appeal against injustice and Falun Gong practitioners who do not give up their faith.

The committee (comprising Liu Yungeng, Wu Zhijing, and Zhang Xuebing) and the Public Security Bureau of Shanghai made use of rumors, monitoring, kidnapping, detention, punishment, control, brainwashing, torture, and organ harvesting to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, and other citizens who appealed for their rights.

Several citizens who had appealed against unjust treatment were poisoned, and died within days or weeks after being detained by the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

1,  Mrs. Teng Jingdi died from poisoning.


















2,  Mr. YU Cushan was poisoned to death,

3,  Mr. Jin Guixing was poisoned to death,

4,  Mrs. Lu Yingdi was poisoned, her health is deteriorating.










5,  Mrs. Tan Lanying was poisoned, her symptoms of illness are same as Mrs Lu Yingdi.

6,  Mrs. Shun Yulan was poisoned and died.

Shanghai rights activist, Ms. Mao Hengfeng witnessed Falun Gong practitioner, Ms. Jiang Weimao being poisoned to death in Anhui labour camp in 2004, when she was sent to the labour camp for practising her faith. Due to heavy international critiscism and the help of world human rights organizations, Ms. Mao Hengfeng was  released from the labour camp alive.