Speculation of Assassination Attempt on Xi Jinping Print
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At midnight last Tuesday the 4th September, the likely future Chinese leader, Xi Jinping suddenly cancelled a meeting with the US Secretary of  State, Mrs. Clinton, for the next day, and also cancelled meetings with the prime minister of Singapore and a Russian official for the same day. Chinese reporters were given no explanation for this sudden cancellation, but the US Embassy published the reason for the cancellation that they were given by the Chinese authorities: 'Mr. Xi Jinping has a back injury."

"Back injury?" Chinese bloggers refuse to accept the words on the surface --- as usual. "It is more likely to be - stabbed in the back." Beijing residents also posted that the security of the 301 hospital had been tightened up suddenly. The 301 hospital is exclusively for treating Beijing leaders and other communist officials.

Many bloggers posted: Assassination! Is it fatal? How is the injury?

Hong Kong Mingpao, the pro-Red newspaper quickly published an article, ignoring the "back injury", but saying that Xi Jinping cancelled the meeting due to being unhappy with what Hilary Clinton had said days before the meeting. It also ignored the fact that the meeting between Xi Jinping and the prime minister of Singapore and a Russian official were cancelled as well. Most western media copied this article from Hong Kong Mingpao. Where else can they get Chinese news from?!

On 29th August, a Chinese airline departed Beijing for New York, but after a flight of 8 hours the passengers found they had landed in Beijing. Witness said that 3 people were arrested, and after going through another security check, the flight was rescheduled a few hours later. After almost a week, the news was leaked: the 3 people arrested were affiliated with the Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai faction and one of the three, Ms Ding is an intelligence agent.

State media reported next day: "Du Qinglin, served as vice chairman of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), and the director of United Front Work Department of Communist Party of China, retired from all positions he had held officially; Ling Jihua, of Hu Jingtao's faction, now is the director of the United Front Work Department of Communist Party of China.

Du Qinglin has close ties with the former communist leader Jiang Zemin, and is a close ally of Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai.

After 6 decades of playing 'hide and seek', Chinese people are becoming skilled in getting to the truth of matters in China by analysing how the news is presented by the regime, by whom, the manner in which it is spread, the wording, by which media and who is affected by the news. There is much included in Chinese whispers!

Though the iron curtains of the Chinese ruling regime seem to be tightly closed, the bloody struggle between Chinese communist leaders is constantly leaking out.

There is also news that on the same day, He Guoqiang, the eighth ranked member of the Politburo Standing Committee (PSC), China's highest ruling council, and the Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, was was seriously hurt in an attempted assassination.

What's next? In an article published by Reuters on 7th Sep. the son of Hu Yaobang, Hu Deping, talks about meeting with Xi Jinping in past 6 weeks. Xi is determined to clean up the Communist Party, to clean up the Chinese hierarchy's abuses of power and corrupt behaviour. As a close friend, Hu Deping is known for his calls for the democratisation of China. The publishing of this article showed the determination of Xi Jinping to break free from the tyranny of Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai. If Xi Jinping's injury is serious, this article also shows the determination of Xi's allies to bring about reform, and a signal that the internal fight is about to come out in the open.