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Charity Begins at Home?

(screenshot from website of Chinese Embassy.)

Chinese bloggers are collecting Chinese school bus photos hoping to pass on these photos to the Macedonian Government and their students, to let them see the buses that they have to travel in.

Collected scene of Chinese school buses in this clip:

Qian Yunhui Murdered on Christmas Day PDF Print E-mail
Real China
Yu Tang   

Warning: graphic photographs.

In delivering his traditional Christmas message, Pope Bendedict XVI is right to praise Chinese Christians for their courage in continuing to uphold their faith even under brutal communist suppression, and it is not all coincidence that Chinese special police arranged the killing of the village chief, Mr. Qian Yunhui on Christmas Day. It is the true character of communism, to rule by violence and intimidation.

"My father was murdered.."

A daughter of Mr. Qian told the Hong Kong Epoch Times: "My father received a phone call that morning and went out straight away, and then later the villagers told us the tragedy happened. My father was murdered...."

At about 9am on 25th Dec., Mrs Li Haiyan from a nearby village went to the shop to buy a lotto ticket. She saw a white Sontana parked beside the village entrance, and Mr. Qian struggling with 3 men all in white gloves and black cloth covering their mouths: “There was another man beside them in the same uniform.

Mrs. Li said that Mr. Qian looked distressed, so she went up to ask the three men to be kind, and was roughly pushed away by the men; Li was scared and walked away from them quickly, but looked back to see a truck was parked aside of road before, driving slowly towards them, and the four men throw Mr. Qian under the wheels of the truck.

A villager posts: it is 4 lane 2 way road; the truck is on the wrong side of the road when Qian was run over and there is no sign or mark on the road that shows that of truck in a hurry or taking any emergency action.... (screenshot)

Hundreds of villagers gathered in front of Qian's home in mourning. (screenshot)

Qian's 81 year old father in front of his son's photo. A table was placed by villagers on the spot where Qian was murdered.... (screenshot)



In 2004, Mr. Qian was sentenced to 18 months in a labour camp (deferred to be served 2 years later), because he was helping the villagers to gain land compensation from local government who had confiscated 146 hectares of village land to build Ze Neng power plant. Zhaiqiao where 3800 villagers lived was supposed to be compensated 7 billion yuan, but villagers were told they would  receive only 3.8 million yuan, about 10 thousand yuan per person.

All villagers relied on the land, and they could not afford to live after such a 'deal'. Qian had been helping the villagers fight for their entitlements but the government was faking documents one after another, and Qian's blog exposing these crimes was deleted from all websites inside China.

In 2005, Qian Yunhui was elected as the village chief. 2500 people took part in voting, and Qian received about 2400 votes.

After the election, Mr. Qian continued to push for the rights of his villagers, which led to an even longer sentence in a labour camp and being detained 3 times. Qian was due to be released in June this year, and the local government tried to hold an election for the village chief in April this year, but villagers refuses to take part until Mr. Qian was released.

After being released from labour camp, Mr. Qian continued demanding land rights for the villagers by posting news and details of the case on a web blog.

A Chinese blogger posts:  the power plant may have shares belong to the son of a former communist leader, so the truth of this case will not be disclosed.

Qian's daughter said: "About 9:25am after the murder took place, villagers quickly gathered and tried to take photos as evidence, but those who had cameras near the the scene were beaten and arrested, 20 to 30 people were arrested straight away; my younger sister and brother in law were beaten very badly. Over a thousand police came quickly and no one was allowed to have a look at the body."

Over a thousand armed police were quickly deployed to the scene to beat off villagers. (screenshot)

"My mother was faint and sent to hospital after learning of the murder, and my younger sister went to hospital for Mum.  After my sister found people to look after my mother, she came to the murder site but was beaten by police and taken away; my brother in law tried to stop them but was also beaten badly and taken away by police."

"A villager stood beside of them said to police: "Arent their family members allowed to cry for their dead relatives?" The police arrested this villager straight away."

"None of any of our family members were allowed to see my father's body. We can only cry at home now."

"Our villagers do not dare to visit us. If any one visits us, they will be arrested straight away."

The Communist regime versus Chinese public

On 27th December, Leqing public security bureau issued a media release announcing the ''case is a traffic accident."

On 29th Dec. Wenzhou city public security bureau also stated that the case was a traffic accident and there were suspicious circumstances.

A Chinese web survey resulted in 100% of respondents believing that Qian was murdered.

Chinese bloggers comments:

The 'upper' part wants to hold power and refuses democracy; the lower parts want to grab profits without any moral reserve, this is such a horrific society!"

"Why all those police, army soldiers are such cowards that 'bully the weak and fear the strong?"

"It is easy for you guys (overseas) to say stand-up; but we are in their hands, we maybe 'harmonised' we can be angry, but we cannot fight! In fact, all of us are waiting for American to fight over here, to save us. We are desperate! I will be a guide for them (US) if they come. Please come to save us!!

" Where are the Americans! Why don't you do something!? Please come over to take over the communist gangsters! Please think of our situation and come to save us!"

'Communists do not belong to the human race, or living beings.'

A Chinese blogger reminded: evil will continue when good people remain silent.



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