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CCTV News, You Better Believe It!

The communist mouthpiece, TV station CCTV, is called by Chinese 'the true dog of the communist regime'.

When Chinese are angry at some one lying, they will say: "You are just like CCTV!"

You may understand why from this screenshot from CCTV on 22nd Dec, 2010:

The Chinese characters in the TV screen: People welcome the rise in petrol prices.

The yellow character line is the title of the news item: 'All people in the country are very happy to welcome the rise in petrol prices.'

If you have doubts, here are the smiling faces of "All Chinese people" in the screenshot below.

Tianamen Massacre Photos on 21st Anniversary PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored Staff   

June 4th 2010, marks the 21st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989.

The communist regime, led by Deng Xiaoping and Li Peng, ordered the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to crush the 7 week old, student-led democracy protests on Tiananmen Square by military force and this resulted in the massacre of thousands of unarmed students.

The communist regime, even today, denies that a massacre occurred, and the majority of Chinese citizens, particularly those born since the massacre, have no knowledge of the massacre because of communist party censorship.


The following is a photo essay of the student protests and the resulting massacre.

The first photos show scenes of the peaceful protest on Tiananmen Square, in contrast to the later photos of the PLA attacking and killing its fellow Chinese citizens.

WARNING: Graphic photos!

Students in the square listen to speeches; soldiers support the students in the earlier days; a young girl sings in front of the 'Statue of Liberty'.

Young students express their support for democracy.

Famous photo of Communist Party General Secretary, Zhao Zhiyang, addressing students in the Square. Zhao was against military intervention and was purged by the communist regime, remaining under house arrest until his death 15 years later.

Building the 'Statue of Liberty' on Tiananmen Square.

Rock and roll to entertain students at night.

Communist regime leader, Deng Xiaoping, greets PLA officers at a briefing in the week prior to the massacre. Deng and premier, Li Peng were responsible for the massacre. Deng is reported to have said: "I will trade 200,000 lives for 10 years of stability." (By stability he meant the survival of the Communist Party)

4 a.m., June 4th, 1989--soldiers rush out of the Great Hall of the People, towards students under the Hero's Memorial. The soldiers fired as they advanced. The muzzle flash of the weapon of the third soldier from left is clearly visible.

People attend to the dead and dying.

Bloodstains from student crushed by tank.

Rushing for medical help.

Photos taken by Ren Xuebing (center photo) of some of the dead at a Beijing hospital.


Many June 4th victims died from being shot by hollow-point bullets, which were prohibited internationally.Recently military surgeon Dr. Jiang Yanyong confirmed that troops used hollow-point bullets in their attack.

The blood of innocents stains the Square.

Rushing wounded to hospital.

Students hide under a bridge as the PLA sweep the streets of protesters.

Bodies of students crushed by tanks as they tried to ride to safety on their bikes.

Burnt out buses that had been used by students to sleep in during the protest.

Students on bikes crushed to death by tanks.

Photos of some of the killed or maimed on June 4th, and testimonials from their relatives.

The brave PLA has crushed the unarmed students.

Citizens show defiance in the face of the PLA might.

The iconic photo of the 'tank man', an enduring image of courage in the aftermath of the massacre. The man was eventually pulled away from the tanks and was believed to have been executed after interrogation.  (Photos courtesy of

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