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Stealing Children's Eyes -- A Common Business In China?!

At 4pm on 20th Sep. 2013, a 9 year old boy was visiting relatives with his mother when she realized the boy was missing after playing outside of the house. They could not find him anywhere, but at 10pm, video surveillance of the residential area showed the boy being taken into a nearby home and not coming out. The boy was killed by the young man living there, and by 3am the next day, the boy's body was found at a nearby river. His eyes had been removed, the corneas were missing, and he had suffered many knife wounds. It is not known at this stage whether other organs were taken.

A 6 year old boy was playing outside his home, but disappeared for 4 hours. He was found in a pool of blood, with his eyes dug out and thrown beside him, with the corneas taken.

Chinese police had announced that the boy's aunt was the perpetrator, but failed to present any evidence to the family while there were witnesses prepared to back up the aunt's claims of her wherabouts at the time of the boy's disappearance.

On Aug 27th in Hunan province, a 7 year old boy was taken away by 2 men according to the boy's classmates at Qiming school in Chenzhou city. 11 days later the boy's body was found, his eyes had been removed and other organs removed from his abdomen.

Organ harvesting from religious prisoners by the Chinese regime has been extensively documented. It would seem that no person - man, woman or child is safe from this crime against humanity when there is profit to be made.

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A tragic situation exists precisely when virtue does not triumph but when it is still felt that man is nobler than the forces which destroy him.
-------- George Orwell

An Insult In China: You’re A Party Member! PDF Print E-mail
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A recent Chinese blog has been pushed to the forefront on many websites.

The story is: A female university graduate, went to a company for interview, after reading through her resume, the manager looked up to the girl asked her: “Are you a communist party member?” The girl suddenly tensed up and replied fervently: “There are also good people among (communist) party members!”  

Some bloggers comments:

•After reading her resume, knowing the answer, the manager certainly raised this question in a ‘meaningful’ way, and it is clear that the female students also recognized the implication of the question…but the truth is behind her answer.

•The answer should be: “There are also...

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100 Million Chinese Renounce Communist Party PDF Print E-mail
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A rally was held in Belmore Park, Sydney, Australia on August 7th to commemorate 100 million Chinese quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliates.

Known as Tuidang in Chinese, the movement for Chinese to withdraw from the Party began in late 2004, following the publication of the...

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22 Years Cover Up On Tiananmen Square Continues PDF Print E-mail
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Weeks or even months before the sensitive date of June 4 this year, the communist regime has been acting in a frantic manner: Ai Weiwei was detained without any reason on 1st April, and more than one hundred well known Chinese dissidents were illegally detained, or 'disappeared', according to Chinese bloggers. But hope still burns.....


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I Need To Reveal The Crimes of the CCP PDF Print E-mail
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On July 21 2004, the Dean of Guizhou Law School, Yuan Hongbing, fled to Australia.  Yuan was also a former professor at Peking University. This incident caused uproar at the time. Duowei News arranged a telephone interview with Yuan.

Duowie: Does (your escape) mean that you have broken with the communist party?

Yuan: When the Communist Party shot at the students on “4th June”, I broke with the party ideologically. I can’t forget my colleagues and...

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GM Rice: A Breakthrough or Broken Point In Science? PDF Print E-mail
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What will genetically modified rice lead to? Grave concerns are held due to large scale cultivation of GM rice in China.

For thousands of years savory rice has been served at Chinese dinner tables as a main staple. However, are you aware that the rice now contains strange microbic proteins, which people may have eaten for years without any knowledge of the...

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Hunan Man Forced to Sell Kidney PDF Print E-mail
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Hu Jie is from Hunan Province and is currently living with his family in Guangdong Province while working there.

In October 2010, Hu lost 18 thousand yuan due to gambling and was chased to pay back the debt within a month. Since Hu only earns 1000 yuan per month, out of desperation, Hu thought of selling his kidney.

He checked Baidu (a Chinese search engine) and found abundant information about buying and selling kidneys all with direct contact numbers.


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Freedom Is Most Important" Says Former Russian PM PDF Print E-mail
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Former Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Kasyanov, told The Epoch Times during his Belgium visit earlier this month, when discussing the situation in China: 

“For China, I had an expectation and hope that people could begin to experience democracy and freedom. Only when this happens will the success of economic development not be vulnerable. This is the...

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Engraved Chinese Words Found on 270 Million-Year-Old Stone PDF Print E-mail
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In June 2002, a 270 million-year-old “hidden words stone” was discovered in Guizhou. A crack  in the megalith revealed six characters neatly brush-written in Chinese; saying “The Chinese Communist Party Dead[Zhong Guo Gong Chan Dang Wang].”

Every character is nearly a square foot in size. The character “Dead” is especially large. The characters are so clearly written that they...

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Gao Zhisheng Foretells Own Kidnapping PDF Print E-mail
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Gao Zhisheng is a Chinese army veteran and self-taught lawyer. He was described by the New York Times as "one of China’s most high-profile human rights lawyers."

Gao was director, founder, and star litigator of the Beijing-based Shengzhi Law Office, having moved to Beijing in 2000. In 2001, he was recognised by China’s Ministry of Justice as "one of the country’s 10 best lawyers".

Through the years, as a Christian himself, Gao had generously helped many...

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Organ Transplant Expert Refuses China's Invitation PDF Print E-mail
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Dr. Goldberg stated that he has several issues with doing research in China. “This comes from my feeling as a transplant surgeon and clinical researcher. I became aware of some questionable practices in China while at a Transplant Conference in Boston in 2006.”

Dr. Goldberg was asked how many bodies would be required to provide a donor bank in order to provide just one week or even a one month waiting period.  “You would need thousands upon thousands of donor patients, more...

Dirty Secrets PDF Print E-mail
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In a small, grubby open shed a young woman picks a plastic piece from the pile in front of her, lights it, sniffs it to discern what sort of plastic it is and then consigns it to the appropriate recycling bin. Instantly the process is repeated and again, perhaps thousands of times during her shift. We can only guess at the cumulative damage she’s doing to herself.

In a small factory space workers apply a solvent to a well known computer logo before affixing them to laptops. They...

Communist Harmony Is Ready In Gun Fair PDF Print E-mail
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( What is the danger from China's communist regime to the future of this world?  --- The question might be: "Do you dare to look into it, to face them and to stop them?" --- Editor's notes.)



Speech By Comrade Chi Haotian
Vice-Chairman Of China's Military Commission

December, 2005

"Comrades, I'm very excited...

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Open Forum on Organ Trade in China PDF Print E-mail
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Investigation into the “Organ Trade” and a Chinese Doctor’s Experience

--------------a closer look at Chinese society.


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