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What Do His Hand Gestures Mean?


Chen made this hand gesture 6 times during his confession which was aired by China's state media, CCTV, before his trial.

Chen Yongzhou, a journalist for the Guangdong-based New Express newspaper was arrested after he published a report about financial irregularities at a construction-equipment company called Zoomlion.

Chen's arrest sparked a huge outcry from Chinese people and also from the newspaper he was working for. The newspaper made a big effort to pressure the communist regime to release Chen, but a few days later, the chief of New Express was removed from his position.

The communist regime quickly arranged a TV "show" that showed Chen Yongzhou 'confessing' to accepting bribes, but most Chinese bloggers thought the 'confession' was the result of torture.

Chinese bloggers also questioned the following from the CCTV program:

1, Why did Chen make this hand gesture 6 times during his confession?

2, Why did Chen keep his eyes closed at all times during his confession?

3, There are 2 areas of bruising on his neck, are they the result of beating and torture ?

4, Why did CCTV broadcast Chen Yongzhou's confession before any trial?

5, Who had bribed him and why was that person not charged?

6, Why did they shave Chen's hair?


Journalist Chen Yongzhou from New Express newspaper (screenshot)


Chinese bloggers asked: Was he in physical pain when reciting this statement? (screenshot)

The bruise marks can be clearly seen on his neck. (screenshot)

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A tragic situation exists precisely when virtue does not triumph but when it is still felt that man is nobler than the forces which destroy him.
-------- George Orwell

Phone Records Show Involvement of Zhou Yongkang in Organ Harvesting PDF Print E-mail
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A human rights organization has released phone transcripts that show Zhou Yongkang and other officials of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee (PLAC) of the Chinese Communist Party have participated in live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners.

David Matas, an international human rights lawyer who along with David Kilgour, published an independant report on organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners, said: “Nobody denies anything, and everything is consistent with what we know,” after he reviewed the tapes.

The Matas-Kilgour report, in 2007, estimated that between 40 to 50 thousand Falun Gong practitioners had been killed...

Last Updated on Sunday, 12 August 2012 23:41
WOIPFG Report: Wang Lijun Took Part In Organ Harvesting Crime PDF Print E-mail
Most Censored

Case Summary: A special investigator of World Organisation to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) carried on a conversation lasting almost 30 minutes with one person (“witness”). We have withheld his name out of concern for his safety. With the consent of the witness, the entire conversation was taped. The witness revealed a case of...

Last Updated on Monday, 23 April 2012 20:52
Beijing Admits Organ Harvesting PDF Print E-mail
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Last week, during the Chinese National People's Congress, China's Vice Minister of Health, Huang Jiefu confirmed that executed prisoners are the main source of organs for transplant surgery in the country.

Professor Arthur Caplan, who heads the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania was shocked by...

Last Updated on Monday, 19 March 2012 09:54
Would-be China Defector Oversaw Organ Harvesting PDF Print E-mail
Most Censored

A high-ranking Chinese official who sought to defect to the United States last week has a story to tell about his participation in thousands of atrocities—and may have already told it to U.S. consular officials.

Wang Lijun, formerly the director of public security and vice mayor of the southwestern China megapolis of Chongqing, fearing that Bo Xilai, Chongqing’s Communist Party chief, meant to assassinate him, fled on Feb. 6 to the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu, a four-hour drive...

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 February 2012 15:06
Gao Zhisheng in Jail after Disappearance PDF Print E-mail
Most Censored

High-profile Chinese human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng, held by the Chinese communist regime in secret almost continually since late 2006, has been officially sentenced to jail for three years.

The announcement, carried by Communist Party mouthpiece Xinhua, is a rare acknowledgment of Gao’s existence by officials, who have repeatedly refused to answer a chorus of protest from the international community...

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 March 2012 12:11
China’s 'Unrestricted Warfare' And 9/11 PDF Print E-mail
Most Censored

China’s Military Planners Took Credit for 9/11

Soon after the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, two high-ranking Chinese military planners took credit for the 9/11 attacks – and were even hailed as national heroes in China.

In fact, three years before 9/11, the Chinese colonels had proposed the attacks and cited Osama bin Laden by name in their book Unrestricted Warfare. (

Last Updated on Monday, 31 October 2011 23:09
WikiLeaks: China Constantly Ignores Air Pollution PDF Print E-mail
Most Censored

An unclassified document published by WikiLeaks reveals that the Chinese government has constantly ignored measuring the level of air pollutants, due to the political consequences of implementing stricter environmental standards.

Despite the alarming statistics regarding the level of air pollution in China, air pollution in the country, particularly in Southern China, has worsened and is at a more hazardous level. Cables released by WikiLeaks says that Chinese government officials...

Last Updated on Monday, 31 October 2011 16:11
Geoff Crocker On Malcom Turnbull And China PDF Print E-mail
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An insight into Australian MP, Malcom Turnbull:

Desperately seeking Malcolm...

Malcolm didn’t tell his eager audience that China is cashing in big time as the world’s largest maker of renewable energy gadgets like solar panels, windmills, etc for those hooked on the Global Warming hypothesis.

Mr. Turnbull’s lecture omitted that while China is shutting down hundreds of its old...

Last Updated on Tuesday, 18 October 2011 09:52
Wikileaks: Why China is Secretly Buying Tons of Gold PDF Print E-mail
Most Censored

Have you ever wondered why gold at $1850 is cheap? Or why gold at double that price will also be cheap, or frankly at any price? Because, as the following leaked cable explains, gold is, to China at least, nothing but the opportunity cost of destroying the dollar’s reserve status.

From Wikileaks:

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 October 2011 19:49
WikiLeaks: China's Politburo a Cabal of Business Empires PDF Print E-mail
Most Censored

China's ruling Politburo is a cabal of business empires that puts vested interests over the needs of the poor and curtails media freedoms to avoid having shady business deals exposed in the press, according to a leaked US government diplomatic cable.

"China's top leadership had carved up China's economic 'pie,'" the US embassy contact said, "creating an ossified system in which 'vested interests' drove decision-making and impeded reform as leaders maneuvered to ensure that those...

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 October 2011 19:48
Russia Arrests Chinese 'Spy' In Row Over Defence Weapons PDF Print E-mail
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Russia's security service has revealed that it arrested a suspected Chinese spy who posed as a translator while seeking sensitive information on an anti-aircraft system.

The man, identified as Tun Sheniyun, was arrested on 28 October last year, the federal security service (FSB) said in a statement cited by RIA-Novosti news agency.

It was unclear why the FSB disclosed the arrest on Wednesday, less than one week before the prime minister, Vladimir Putin, travels to China...

Last Updated on Friday, 07 October 2011 20:35
Chinese Spies Placed In Newsrooms Around The World PDF Print E-mail
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China routinely places state security agents in Xinhua news bureaus around the world, according to a senior Chinese journalist.

Foreign correspondent jobs are appointed by the Ministry of State Security for set periods, and while they may write the occasional story, their job is intelligence gathering, he said, on condition of anonymity.

Typically, the aspiring correspondents attended the University of International Relations in Beijing or another similar university in...

Last Updated on Friday, 16 September 2011 22:05
Canadian MP's Flirtatious Email To CCP Jounalist PDF Print E-mail
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Bob Dechert, the Conservative MP for Mississauga-Erindale, has acknowledged sending emails to Shi Rong, a reporter with Xinhua News Agency, but described his relationship with the female journalist as an "innocent" friendship.

He has been called upon to explain the nature of the emails.

Xinhua, created by the Chinese Communist Party in the...

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 September 2011 09:39
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