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Chinese protests against Japan over the control of the Diaoyo Islands have lead to violence and damage to many Japanese properties and businesses in China. But is this really a grass roots protest or is it orchestrated by one of the communist party leadership factions?

The dispute over control of the Diaoyu Islands (or Senkaku to the Japanese) has been going on for decades, though proof of ownership has not been shown by either country, and negotiations seem impossible as both countries have been playing games.

But just when the Chinese regime is in the middle of a hot power struggle, the dispute over Diaoyo seems to have been purposely brought to centre stage again. As the old Chinese proverb says, it "adds rocks on the head of a drowning dog."

Chinese peoples responses:

The fact is that Bejing seemed not really provoked, while Japan is not really challenging either, and what makes it more absurd is that Chinese people do not really care!

Before the protests, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) mouth piece, Xinghua, ran a survey in a popular blog: If our country has to go to war with Japan, will you join the front line?

Thousands of responses followed with almost 90% in a similar vein to below:

Blogger: You have got the greatest army in the world, greatest military equipment in the world, why need me?!

B: I would love to see that "those people who have gained wealth since Deng Xiaoping" go to protect our country first; the sons and daughters of the Elites go there next, the wealthy officials go after that, and "rubbish citizens" (this is what a Chinese official calls ordinary Chinese citizens) like us will clean up your debris and declare victory for you.

B; I cannot afford to love this country: there are so many rich elites, wealthy officials, I cannot afford to love them and to fight for them.

B: All communist party members should go! I support them!

B: When you steal our treasure, forcibly evict us from our houses, ignore that we are fed with gutter oil, melamine filled milk powder...what and whom are we to protect?

B: Do not use our "rubbish citizens" as your gun powder.

B: An army of millions, why ask me?! You don't even let me buy a kitchen knife, will you give me a gun? or do you just want me to stand in front of your gun?

B: If no support from your highness (communist party), would Japan be able to kill that many Chinese?

B: I cannot protect my own house from being robbed (by government), why would I go to protect Diaoyu Island?!

Why are the protests so wild and who are the protestors?

After watching hundreds of Japanese business being damaged by 'protestors' over the weekend, bloggers have revealed what they witnessed:

In Cangzhou, Hebei county:

Blogger: That man who held the flag and lead the protest in front, calling out slogans, is the team leader of one local police station.

In Xian:

Blogger googled this guy, the chief of police of Hujiamiao police station in Xingcheng township.

Blogger: How come they all held picture of Mao? (former dictator of China, Mao Zedong.) why do they hold the dictator's photo?


In Beijing:


The real planners revealed:

Many posts were quickly removed by Wu-mao, Chinese internet police, but these posts were captured before they were removed:

Blogger: Why on earth do I need him?! Am I being represented by a rapist and murderer?

Blogger: No wonder they (the protestors) were so organized.....

The likely scenario:

Those affiliated with Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai are missing from the positions in the upcoming Beijing central power committee, and Zhou Yongkang's gang has committed thousands of killings of innocent Chinese people, including their colleagues, to hold onto their positions in the communist regime, and they know that their days will be numbered if they are not in power to be able to cover up their activities. This is a life and death matter to all those affiliated with Zhou and Bo.

With the ugliness of the communist party in full display, many business people hope to move their businesses out of China, or keep themselves out of the ugly game, although some Japanese seemed right in the game? who are the victims? Japanese and Chinese people.

Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai had tried similar ploys related to the South China Sea disputes. When Bo Xilai was exposed in March this year by his right hand man, Wang Lijun, a few southern Asian countries 'arose' to challenge the ownership of Nansha Islands (Spratly).  In fact, Zhou Yongkang orchestrated the drama, trying to divert Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping's attention, to buy time for his attempt to stay in power.

Why do some politicians from other countries willingly co-operate with a person like Zhou Yongkang, who was exposed by local police to have hired people to kill his wife, so he could marry Jiang Zemin's niece --for him to gain future power? The truth may be revealed one day when the Chinese regime is exposed to the Chinese people?

Whatever the plans behind the scenes, the power struggles within the CCP have always been bloody and ruthless. Only this time, the world is watching closely.


A blog has been widely spreading on the Chinese net:

Fourteen Hong Kong residents landed on Diaoyo Island on 15th August with no weapons at all - the Japanese soldiers were shocked, and ask them:

J A (Japanese army): "Where is the army of your country?

H K: They are protecting the 18th meeting.

J A: Where is your special police force?

H K: They are busy with Zhou Kehua*.

J A: Where are the policemen?

H K: They are busy chasing Chinese out of their homes (forced evictions).

J A: Aren't those things done by 'Cheng-guan'?

H K: They are busy arresting street vendors.

J A: What about your government?

H K: They are looking after Liu Qiang's injured foot.

J A: You so under-estimate us! We have to arrest you all! (The Japanese were really angry!!)

* A so called armed robbery single handed robbed many banks, as reported by Chinese police -- and is still at large. But police did shoot one person  last month, and put a photo in the media to say that they had killed Zhou Kehua. But Chinese bloggers checked the photo and found out that the police had shot one of their own colleagues.

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