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Corruption: What a Difference a Month Makes!

Screenshot at Chinese news on 12th January 2011. about Liu Zhijun.

Screenshot from Chinese news on 12th Feburary, 2011, Liu Zhijun.

Liu Zhinjun was the Minister of Railways in the People's Republic of China from 2003 to 2011. Liu was dismissed as Minister on February 25, 2011, because of allegations of corruption.

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Full text of Chen Guangcheng video appeal: Three requests to Premier Wen Jiabao

Dear Premier Wen,

With tremendous difficulty I finally escaped. There are rumours and allegations spread on the Internet about violence and hostility against me.

As the direct victim, I state here that all those allegations are true, but the real situation is much worse than has been reported.

Firstly: Please personally oversee and assign an investigation team to investigate who gave the order for more than 10 people from the county and provincial public security bureau, (communist) party cadres to break into my home to beat and rob us, without showing any legal documentation or anyone wearing uniform? They did not even allow us access to medical treatment after we were wounded terribly. Who made such a decision; investigate thoroughly this atrocity and bring justice to my family. Since the matter is so brutal and inhuman, it damages the (communist) party image.

They broke into my home, with more than 10 men beating my wife! They pushed her on the ground, threw a blanket over her, and kicked and beat her for hours! They also beat me like this. Zhang Jian, He Yong and Zhang Shendong, these are the policemen (who conducted and joined in the beating) I knew all of them; Ms. Li Xianli, Li Xianqiang and Gao Xingjian, these females beat my wife many times before I was released from jail, and there is one whose surname is Xie, these are the people who need to be dealt with in the name of justice.

(Secondly, request for justice):

As a direct victim, I formally identify those who committed these crimes:

When they entered our home and beat us, Zhang Jian, as a vice party secretary in charge of political and legal matters in our Shuanghu town, boasted many times: "We do not care about law! We do not care about any legal limitation! We do not need to follow any legal procedure! Can you do anything?!" He brought people many times to our home to rob and beat us badly.

Li Xianli is the person who led over 20 people to conduct illegal house arrest and surveillance on me and my family in the long term. He beat my wife many times! He (arranged people) to chase my wife in the middle of the road and beat her with belt buckle. They even beat my mother (who is over 80 years old). They are vicious indeed.

Li Xianqiang, who beat my wife to the floor in the afternoon of 18th (month?) last year is the director of the judicial office, officer of the township. My wife's left arm was severely injured. In the village entrance, Da-bei-er, the person that Chinese bloggers said was wearing the long thick green army coat, who throw stones at the CNN reporter in February, his name is Zhang Shenghe. It was him, I know.

I heard that many female bloggers were beaten by female guards (when they tried to visit me), I did not know they hired female guards, and later I learned that those female thugs are chairpersons of women's committees from other villages, some are the relatives of those chairpersons, like Gao Xingjian, there are also many unknown officers that come from the public security bureau. They do not wear uniforms, not follow any legal procedures, so they shout: 'We do not belong to the police force at present." I asked them what they are representing now, they replied: 'we are representing the party, it is the party calling us to do things for the party'. I am not going to detail, but I think they are presenting a certain party member conducting illegal actions. The gathered  information showed, there are 8 people from the township office in every group (groups in shifts to place surveillance on Chen), and there are over 20 people in each guard group, 3 groups in total of about 70 to 80 people.

This year, there are so many kind bloggers who try to look after us, so (the guard team) sometimes increased their number to a few hundred people to block off any access to us. The general structure is: take my home as centre, there is a group (guard thugs) in my home; a group outside my home, where they spread at 4 corners, and middle of the road; the next is the outer circle from our house, there are guards on every intersection that leads to our house; from our house spread wide in every direction, and each junction has guards there, till the entrances of the village. Sometimes the guards were placed even further to the neighbouring villages, sit on their bridges. These thugs are hold lots power, they can even order the other village leaders to accompany them to the post, and order them to arrange patrolling cars to drive around. The area they patrol is at least 5KM away from our village, sometimes even further away. So from my house to the outer most layer, there are 7 or 8 layers of guards, and they have a code on each post. To my knowledge, my house area is called post 28, so when they changed shifts, they are calling who is on number 28 post... It is really 'three step a gang, and five step a whistle', every piece of grass is guarded.

To my knowledge, the party members from Shuanghou township and county government, the police force who are involved in persecuting me and my family number about 90 people. I require (Premier Wen Jiabao) to investigate these people who have constantly illegally persecuted me.

Although I am free at present, I am worrying about my family, my mother, my wife, my children still under their demonic hands. They have been conducting the persecution for such a long time, I am very worried if they will seek revenge because of my escape. Their revenge could be ruthless. The bone over my wife's left eye was fractured due to their beating, I can feel it by touching there. There is a big lump still around her waist due to being beaten by the thugs. They covered her with our blanket and beat and kicked her. Her left side spine, the tenth and the twelve still has lumps that you can feel by touching there. They did not allow us to seek any medical treatment.

My old mother, on her birthday, was beaten to the floor by a county party cadre, her head hit the wall, my mother cried and said to their leader: "you beat me shame on you, young and strong..." They laughed and replied: "Yes, young people are quite capable, you are old and you cannot fight me." How shameless?! How inhuman? Heaven forbid!

They arranged three people every day to follow my young child to school; they search her everyday, every item in her school bags, page after page check through her books; she is not allowed to go outside of the school gate, once home, she is not allowed to go outside of the door.

Also last year, the government cut the electricity supply to our home from 29th July to 14th December; last year in February the whole month, we were not allowed to go out to even buy groceries. Our family was in despair. So I am really thankful for the constant struggle and help from many bloggers, trying to raise awareness (of this atrocity), and safety (of my family members), to protect our safety through to human rights,justice and dignity of law. If my family member have any problem, I will continue to seek justice to the end!!

Thirdly, You may have questions, why do these things always fail to be solved and are allowed to continue for a number of years? At a local level, whether it be the decision maker or the ordinary personell, they simply don't want to solve this problem. The policy makers are afraid of their own crimes being exposed, and as for the ordinary personels there is a lot of corruption involved.

I remember in August 2011, When they criticized me using methods like in the "cultural revolution", they say: 'you said on youtube that we spent over 30 million yuan (on persecuting me and my family), you have no idea that it was the figure of year 2008! and now the digits is more than double 30 million yuan! Do you know?! This does not include money they bribe in Beijing or at upper levels, if you have capability, say it on the web again!"

They say, "we only get very little money, and most was ripped off by the leaders." It is their chance to earn money. As I know, the money coming from the county was controlled by the leaders of each post, and it is 100 yuan per day per person. But when these thugs go to collect their money, their leader will tell them: 'it was said 100 yuan per day, but I am giving you 90 yuan, and 10 yuan is mine." The local labourers who do field work, only get 50 to 60 yuan per day, but these people sit there almost doing nothing, getting 90 yuan, many people like to work for this. To a team leader, of over 200 people, he gets 200 yuan extra per day. That is how easy their corruption is.

As far as I know, the budget to "keep society stable" is a few million yuan per county, and the thugs complain that they get very little, it is all taken by their bigger bosses.

You can see the degree of of corruption, how they misuse these funds and their power. I request Premier Wen to authorize a thorough investigation of this corruption - our citizen's tax payers money cannot be wasted by those lawless cadres who harm innocent people. While they conduct these crimes they are saying that they doing this for the party and following the party line.

Premier Wen, these lawless act, make many people wonder, if it is because the local party cadres are acting against the law and principles of the party, or are they ordered by the central government(Beijing)? I hope soon an answer will be offered to our citizens. If we investigate, and let people know the truth, I am sure the result will be very clear. If you continue to not answer or respond, do you know what the masses will think?

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