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Rat Race In China?

Warning -- disturbing images  --- Do not read before meal.


Just after the news of the selling of rats meat mixed with lamb meat in China's restaurants and shops, a high school student in Zhejiang province found a rat in his breakfast, just bought from school canteen. The boy says: "I had one bite of the rice ball, and had a glimpse of the rat head in it, I did not believe it was a rat, and I had a better look.... than I had to run outside to vomit..... other classmates were vomiting as some of them had the same type of breakfast. Some male students quickly came to take photos..... (screenshot from Chinese blogs)


The Headmaster of the school told journalists that people from the local Food And Drug Administration had checked the canteen, and found dried rat bones, or half of the head of ra at in dried mushrooms.(photo below).

In Chinese cooking, normally, dry mushrooms have to be washed and soaked in water before cooking.

A blogger says: Now I understand why students should not be allowed to carry mobile phones to school... you see, once these photos up on the web.......too much trouble.....

According to the Headmaster, students who eat the same dish were sent to hospital but suffered no ill symptoms.

Geoff Crocker On Malcom Turnbull And China PDF Print E-mail
Most Censored

An insight into Australian MP, Malcom Turnbull:

Desperately seeking Malcolm...

Malcolm didn’t tell his eager audience that China is cashing in big time as the world’s largest maker of renewable energy gadgets like solar panels, windmills, etc for those hooked on the Global Warming hypothesis.

Mr. Turnbull’s lecture omitted that while China is shutting down hundreds of its old, coal-fired generators, two new plants come on line for every closure and their investment in the coal industry has escalated 30 to 50 per cent each year for the last three years. According to The International Energy Agency 80 per cent of China’s energy will come from coal and oil. The Chinese Official Industry Science and Technology Ministries predict coal will provide about 65 per cent of China’s fuel needs in 2030.

Why is Malcolm so praiseworthy of China? His past may help explain. Many wonder where Malcolm would be today had Kerry Packer not given him a helping hand, especially as he did Packer in the eye over a business deal in 1991—Kerry was livid.

Turnbull later told Sydney newspapers that, “He [Packer] did threaten to kill me. And I said to him: ‘Well, you’d better make sure that your assassin gets me first because if he misses, you better know I won’t miss you.’ He could be a complete pig, you know. He could charm the birds out of the tree, but he could be a brute.”

Nevertheless, spruiking in London, he proffered China’s revolutionary leader Mao Zedong’s quote, “the Chinese people have stood up.” Of course, the acquiescing toadies at The London School of Leninomics were mute on history. Mao ruled from 1949 to 1975 and began his handiwork with affluent landlords who were murdered and their assets claimed by the state.

20th Century mass murderers like Pol Pot who killed about 1.7 million was a mere trifler compared to Mao who holds the body count record with around 70 million—nearly three times Australia’s population.

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