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Photo by China uncensored

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A recent Chinese blog has been pushed to the forefront on many websites.

The story is: A female university graduate, went to a company for interview, after reading through her resume, the manager looked up to the girl asked her: “Are you a communist party member?” The girl suddenly tensed up and replied fervently: “There are also good people among (communist) party members!”  

Some bloggers comments:

•After reading her resume, knowing the answer, the manager certainly raised this question in a ‘meaningful’ way, and it is clear that the female students also recognized the implication of the question…but the truth is behind her answer.

•The answer should be: “There are also human beings among party members!”

•“If a person is a good human being, what is his/her original purpose in joining the communist party?”

After half of the posts were removed by the blog host, because of Chinese regime censorship, one blogger wrote: “Whoever removes my post again; your whole family will become communist party members!”

Another blogger said that a female relative of his/her, was reminded by the leader of her company, ‘If you still do not pay the party fee, we will deduct the fee from your wage next month.’ The lady answered: “If you dare to do it, I will quit the party!” The lady said that her leader never mentioned the ‘party fee to her any more.

An altercation on a bus among crowded commuters:

Ist commuter: "you look just like a communist party member!"

2nd commuter: "XXXX! You are the communist party member! Your whole family are communist party members!"

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