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Thousands of Army Veterans Protest Living Conditions

Thousands of 14th Division People's Liberation Army (PLA) war veterans protest in front of the Department of Civil Affairs in Kunming, asking the government to fulfill its promise to improve their living conditions after retirement.

In recent years, army group protests in China have become more frequent.



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Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

--------------- Aldous Huxley

A Simple Prevention For Flu PDF Print E-mail
Joan Riley   

The flu epidemic flu in the last few years has been a source of anxiety for many people. But Chinese medicine Doctor Hu Naiwen has provided a unique treatment, it simply came from his study of the famous ancient Chinese book, called Huang_Di_Nei_Jing, or The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine.

Dr. Hu was born in Hunan province, China,  and left for Taiwan when the communists tookover in China. Dr. Hu first studied western medicine and  biological science, but found few solutions to peoples' health problems.

Dr. Hu then studied Chinese traditional medicine and after more than 30 years as...

Cancer Has Gone, What Remains? PDF Print E-mail
Dr. Hu Naiwen   

Many years ago, I had a patient who was in the late stages of liver cancer. He had been declared incurable by doctors of Western medicine and had put his final hopes in traditional Chinese medicine.

My first impression of him was that his face looked dark, indicating water retention in the stomach.

The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine, in Chapter...

History Books Deleted Marx’s Illegitimate Child PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

As the founder of “communist doctrine”, and a ‘godlike’ figure, Karl Marx’s personal biography is extremely important to communists. But the personal life of Marx was very different from his depiction of how the world should be.

During the translation of the Biography of Marx the...

Repaying a Debt From Her Past Life PDF Print E-mail
Chinese Web news   

This is a story about Wei Hanchen, who is from a village in Linchengpu Village, Niutuo Township, Gu-an County, Hebei Province. It happened during the 1970's.

When Wei Hanchen married a virtuous girl, according to local custom, his mother gave the bride a pair of gold-filled bracelets. It was the most expensive type of gift on a first meeting as she...

Opium Saved the Communist Party PDF Print E-mail
Xiao Zhuan, Boxun   

An intensely angry CCP veteran still cannot quite fathom what happened years ago in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Region, when competing, emerging forces struggling for power in China during the early 1940s committed all manner of strange deeds. This man describes personal experiences he lived through - the spread of drug use and drug proliferation in the Shaanxi area during the CCP's entrenchment in Shaanbei.

It was the time of Chinese troop resistance to the Japanese invasion. On...

Dr. Yang: Great Leap = Great Famine PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored Staff   

"My parents were peasants who worked in the field. We grew wheat in the area where I lived, and they were part of a production team," said Yang, who was born in 1964, three years after the Great Leap Forward had ended. "They would often bring up the topic of the Great Leap famine and tell how bad things were during that time."

As an assistant Professor in Political...

Paper-cuts in the Song Dynasty PDF Print E-mail
Yu Tang   

Paper-cuts were popular as a matrimonial custom in Song Dynasty.

The traditional matrimonial customs had tremendous changes in the Song Dynasty because of rapid economic development. When the bride got married, her family had to provide a dowry for her. this is called “Pei lián 陪奁”. Furthermore, the bride’s family had to give a dowry to the bridegroom’s...

How Albania Destroyed 11,000 Chinese Artillery Pieces PDF Print E-mail
Chinese blogger   

Albania was promoted in China by the communist regime as” A Red Beacon of Europe”. Because of that, it was one of the main countries receiving considerable military assistance from China. The central items received were pieces of artillery. China ultimately provided 11,000 pieces to Albania. This is surprising as Albania was so small yet owned 11,000 pieces of artillery. At that time, even the two superpower countries, the Soviet Union and United States did not have so many artillery...

Sorrow Is Worse Than Phyisical Pain PDF Print E-mail
Web blogger   

There is an old story about an elder of Judaism who loved to play golf.

One Sabbath day, he had an itch to play golf.

But the Jewish creed requires its followers to rest on the Sabbath but this elder could not resist his strong desire and decided to go to the golf course secretly. He thought that he would only play a few...

Tangyuan: Rice Balls in Soup PDF Print E-mail
Robert Bowman   

The Chinese food 'Rice Ball in Soup', is called 'tangyan', 'tangtuan or 'yuanxiao in Chinese pin yin. The last name relates to the Chinese 'Lantern' (Yuanxiao) festival during which it is eaten. The dish consists of glutinous rice balls, stuffed with a mixture of ingredients such as preserved fruits, lard and rock sugar and is enjoyed by all, for its delicate sweet and soft taste. Since the rice contains starch, which causes the stickiness and the feeling of fullness, one cannot eat a large...

Shaolin Temple Rakes In Cash and Controversy PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

"An enchanting place, home of the warriors," promises the pop music blaring from a giant screen as excited visitors board buggies fit for a theme park.

Welcome to the Shaolin Temple in central China, known as the birthplace of Zen Buddhism and world-famous for its kungfu. Instead of inspiring awe and mysticism as it had once done for centuries, the present venue is managed more along the lines of a Hollywood theme park.

It prompted one European visitor to comment...

Five Reasons to Drink Green Tea PDF Print E-mail
Xin San Cai   

The freshness and delight of drinking green tea may ignite the passion for scientists to research further, as numerous studies highlight the potential benefits of green tea including cancer prevention and weight loss.

How is drinking green tea good for our bodies? Here are some hints for you:

1. It is great for the teeth: Green tea contains...

Chopsticks PDF Print E-mail
Mayer Riveland   

Chopsticks originated in ancient China as early as the Shang dynasty (1766-1122 B.C.E), and were widely used throughout East Asia. But other accounts date the use of chopsticks to a far earlier time. They were a substitute for knives at the table: according to Confucius, knives were equated with acts of aggression and should not be used when eating.

Chopsticks are most commonly made of bamboo or plastic, but are also made of metal, bone, ivory, even silver, and various types of...

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