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Mysterious Photo By Xinhua News

The Chinese communist mouth piece, Xinhua News published that the Libyan Embassy in Beijing has the New Libya Flag of the interim government, but in the photo, the flag of the Gaddafi government still stands----Is it raised by Beijing's photoshop?

The communist regime is scared to publish any news of the Arab uprisings for fear of sparking similar protests against its brutality and suppression.


This youtube below maybe fit for communist leaders to view:

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China Uncensored   

A few years ago an old monk, Huang Yousheng, who lives in Jinan, Shandong province, and who had been cultivating since a very young age, revealed that he had reached an enlightenment level and was able to communicate with an alien, whose code name was AK5T-S9B-KUT9B92, and that he had been told many things about extraterrestrial civilizations, and their study of humans on earth.

The fate of alien civilization

According to Huang Yousheng, the development of alien society has dramatically slowed down in the past two decades, they seem to have been constrained by external forces, perhaps there was a warning for them. Alien technology does not bring good deeds to humans. It is higher beings who are in control of the universe, not the aliens.

The number of species of aliens is beyond humans' imagination! AK is not the only race that visited the earth. There is one particular species of alien that is currently mixed among the humans on earth today! They walk by you without you noticing. They will pay for what they have done! Mankind will eventually realize this.

There are reports from time to time of alien activities identified on earth. In fact, as written in ancient text and scripts, alien life arrived on earth a long time ago, they just didn't reveal themselves. In recent years, alien incidents are reported more and more frequent, alien and UFO have become a widespread topic in today‟s society, it has reached its peak in history. Evidently, mankind is getting close to a monumental time period of unlocking the mystery of aliens.

Aliens revealing themselves

According to a Russian news network, a Turkish UFO organization announced that Turkey has recently captured the most evident UFO video tapes and photos on earth up to this point.

The director of the UFO organization Haktan Akdogan, while attending a press conference in Istanbul, told the media that a local resident in a Turkish village, Yalcin Yalman, accidentally captured the UFO images using his personal video camera. The images are very sharp; one can distinguish the hatch on the UFO, and the shape of two unidentified creatures.

He released a twenty-two minute long video which he believed would have a large impact around the globe. It is one of the world‟s most clear UFO video records to date. On January 17, 2008, Turkish television NTV channel played a part of the video that lasted 1 minute and 25 seconds.

In reality, alien technology is far more advanced than humans modern science, therefore humans are more or less controlled by these advanced technologies, including to which extent the aliens are exposed to humans. Subsequently, the technology to discover aliens may be conveyed by them to humans intentionally in the first place. Therefore, it is merely a matter of how aliens want to reveal themselves rather than how humans can detect them. The decision power is in the hands of the aliens, not humans.

Some scientists have discovered that aliens are working in parallel. Some of them are coming from space, some already possess a human body, living among us. This is not a prank, many western governments have collected unmistakable evidencesof this phenomenon, but they remain 'classified'.

According to Global News, U.S. UFO researcher and physicist Dr. James Edward McDonald claims that the U.S has 5 million aliens and they appear as normal humans, evenly distributed between males and females, most of them are married but with no children.  In the past 10 years, Dr. James has been investigating the marital pattern between humans and aliens and discovered around 1000 cases of humans marrying aliens. Dr. James said there is a 50% chance of a U.S individual marrying an alien. He also described some traits of alien couples, but he‟s puzzled by the real incentive that drives aliens to settle on earth.

There are also incidents where aliens exposed their identities unwillingly. Recently,the F.B.I arrested a Wall Street wizard named Andrew Carlssin, age 44. According to the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.), with an initial investment of only $800, Andrew Carlssin bought 126 stocks in less than half a year, with profit on almost every trade, and made a total fortune of tens of millions. The F.B.I believed that Andrew relied on illegal "insider trading‟, but when investigators demanded his "source‟, he claimed he time traveled from the year 2256, and had the knowledge of the entire U.S. stock market. Interestingly, the F.B.I cannot find any record of Andrew Carlssin existing anywhere before December 2002.

In the past only cultivators had supernormal abilities, but they do not reveal themselves in ordinary society. Nowadays obscure findings are all around us, would they be related to aliens?

In La Crosse, Wisconsin, U.S., Brad Williams, 51, possessed a super memory ability; he can remember every encounter in every day of his life.  There are only 3 people in the world that are known to possess such "encyclopedic‟ memory.

In fact, this is not a matter of memory capability; it is simply a manifestation of the soul freed from the confinement of the brain. Cultivators acknowledge that, when a man passes away, his soul is no longer bound by his physical body, at that moment the person can see through every detail of his/her entire life. No wonder there‟s a saying, one cannot disown in front of Yama*.

*In Buddism Yama (or Yamarāja in Sanskrit.) is the god of death.

Why are aliens revealing themselves now?

The real question is, after a long period of secrecy, why have aliens decides to make themselves visible on earth in recent times?  The answer to this question is directly related to the real purpose of aliens visiting earth.

One can be certain that the aliens' target is fixed upon humans, not animals. Regardless of their original intention, the shifting in aliens' approach towards earth in recent times indicates that they foresee something of great magnitude and consequence will happen to mankind.

If this is the case, then as living beings in this universe, aliens will take actions that are in alignment with this change in the universe, for better or for worse.  Aliens realized that for them to receive better treatment during the on coming unusual period of time, they need to rightly position themselves in the unfolding event. They think that it would be a great endeavor for the aliens to undertake if they can provide genuine help to mankind. They presume that revealing other dimensions in the universe could fundamentally change the mentality of humans on earth, so the human race may be able to reexamine their understanding of the universe and become aware of the dangers they are facing.

This maybe the reason that some groups are trying to avoid admitting aliens' existence.  Imagine if someone video-records aliens walking out of the hatch of an UFO, the theory of evolution of human society will collapse; also the long held belief in atheism by some people will be abandoned.

The truth is not hard to grasp given the sudden increase in alien incidents that have been exposed. Evidently, we will hear about alien incidents more frequently, more clearly and be more astonished, they will expose the phenomena of other dimensions that mankind has not been daring to admit exist. This is precisely the endeavor that many aliens are undertaking to save themselves, and to save mankind.

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