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Mother and Baby Elephant Electrocuted

A mother elephant tried to save her baby, but they were both electrocuted. (screenshot)

According to Yunnnan News, a baby elephant in Xi -Shuang-Ban-Na forest preservation area,in Mengle County touched a live 100,000 volt electric wire with its trunk and was electrocuted. The mother ran to the baby and was also killed.

It was not a natural disaster,  just another human made tragedy!

The mother elephant was more than 30 years old, weighed 3.1 tonnes; 3.25m long and 2.56m in height.

The baby elephant was about 3 years old; 400kg; body length 1.61m; body height, 1.25m.


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7. Traditional Chinese Medicine and the human body

A few years ago an old monk, Huang Yousheng, who lives in Jinan, Shandong province, and who had been cultivating since a very young age, revealed that he had reached an enlightenment level and was able to communicate with an alien, whose code name was AK5T-S9B-KUT9B92, and that he had been told many things about extraterrestrial civilizations, and their study of humans on earth.

While studying human science, alien AK5T-S9B-KUT9B92 discovered that in ancient China, Chinese Medicine and its diagnostic and treatment method was based on Taoism’s practise of yin and yang and the theory of the Five Elements. In fact, the discipline of traditional Chinese medicine was far ahead of alien society’s ‘advanced" study of the human body.

For example, the scripture ‘The Inner Cannon of Huangdi’ (a.k.a. Yellow Emperor’s Scripture, a medical scripture passed down from ancient China over two millennia ago) introduced the methods of treating illnesses. However, the majority of content in the scripture was describing the human body in its microscopic particle forms which manifest in other dimensions; the human body does not just exist in one microscopic dimension, it has multiple formations spanning across multiple dimensions and spaces simultaneously!

The profound knowledge of the human body in ‘The Inner Cannon of Huangdi’ is beyond the alien society’s comprehension. The alien technology is only capable of observing a few macromolecular formations stated in ‘The Inner Cannon of Huangdi’.

As human society developed throughout time, much of the genuine gift that was given to them was lost. The fundamental doctrine of Chinese medicine focuses on the human body at its microscopic dimensional form and restores it to its natural state. If a human body is restored at its root, then the cells and flesh on the surface must eventually be restored as well.

Traditional Chinese medicine’s understanding of the human body is much more advanced than modern Western medicine. Chinese medicine took the path of studying the human body’s configuration and formation in a very deep microscopic dimension and space, whereas Western medicine merely touches upon the cells of the surface appearance.

Around 200,000 earth years ago, the Blue-Ray galaxy advanced from electron epoch into photon epoch, mastering photon-energy in multiple dimensions.  The technology development of planet AK is just average in scale among the alien civilizations.  There are numerous alien societies in the cosmos, with large disparity in their technology characteristics and knowledge of the cosmos.  Although Earth shares similar technological characteristics with planet AK, it remains in a very primitive stage of development.

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