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"We Are Here to Harass"

The recent violence against, and assault of, Hong Kong students, was organized by the Hong Kong government by using police and thugs, Chinese bloggers revealed:


Hong Kong people realized that CY Leung was using underground communist members in the Hong Kong police force and Hong Kong street gansters to cause chaos in Hong Kong streets where students were protesting.

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Old Monk Records Conversation With Alien (4/10) PDF Print E-mail
Translated by China Uncensored   

A few years ago an old monk, Huang Yousheng, who lives in Jinan, Shandong province, and who had been cultivating since a very young age, revealed that he had reached an enlightenment level and was able to communicate with an alien, whose code name was: AK5T-S9B-KUT9B92, and that he had been told many things about extraterrestrial civilizations, and their study of humans on earth.

4. Higher Life – The Emergence Of God

AK5T-S9B-KUT9B92 told Huang how extraterrestrial civilizations understand higher life ----- Gods.

After being honoured as a great scientist, alien life AK5T was particularly interested in the science of life. It checked many ancient records of extraterrestrial civilizations of many Galaxies. There was a report from a very remote time that caused a stir at the time. After studying this report AK5T was shocked.

The historical record of extraterrestrial civilizations stated that many millions of years ago, there was a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy, in the position where earth is now.

There were no human beings at that time, the environment on earth was quite bad, there were no oceans, animals and plants, etc. There were many lives similar to the AK5T. Earth was the home of these extraterrestrial lives, but their technology at the time was not as high as present. AK5T found that its own life is related to those lives on earth at that time, and is the future generations of the original alien lives on earth.

According to the early records, many millions of years ago, a loud "bang" was heard, shaking the earth terribly, and suddenly the sky opened up completely, colourful rays shed like waterfalls, a kind of sacred energy, felt very powerful, moments full of this space, the force and technology of alien life was incomparable in front of the higher life, the alien lives did not have the intention to defend themselves either.

Higher lives emerged out of nowhere, countless higher lives in the sky, some seemed to be standing in a platter of lotus flowers, emitting a golden light; some rode on the back of flying cranes, also with lavish colours; there were also many other lives in the crowded sky,  without any vehicles, suspended in air, and their shape, very similar to the human beings of earth now, but their features were much nicer, beautiful and they possessed an irresistible powerful energy over their bodies. That was beyond what aliens can achieve.

Since the energy of their bodies reached to the level which is an extremely high density in a very micro stage, hence they had power to control everything, or to put it this way by AK5T, the ability and power of those higher lives were a much higher science than alien lives could reach.

Then, one of the higher lives waved his hand just once, a piece of powerful energy rushed to earth, and all lives on earth, including all facilities on earth suddenly disappeared from earth, and the alien civilization was sent to another planet. It was just like having a dream and waking up to find your home was removed to another place.

Later on, with the development of technology, alien lives managed to get close to their former home – the Earth at the time, but found the environment on earth had changed significantly, there were things never seen before: the ocean, plants, animals and even more amazingly, human beings. From then on, humans occupied the earth.

As to the physical appearance of human beings, there were no records in the alien books, so AK5T could not check. Since AK5T has been studying human civilization for a thousand years, it discovered things from many historical records in human history. According to human records, in ancient Chinese history, they stated that it was 女娲 (Nu-wa) who created humans, while in ancient western civilization, it was God who made man. so AK5T presumed that the higher life who was recorded in their books of that time maybe the creator of humans on earth.

If that was true, the higher lives of that time who moved the aliens to another planet, were Gods.

To be continued...

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Interesting read:

Boriska - The boy from Mars


Boriska, did you really live on Mars as people say around here?

- Yes, I did, it is true. I remember that time, when I was 14 or 15 years old. The Martians were waging wars all the time so I would often have to participate in air raids with a friend of mine. We could travel in time and space flying in round spaceships, but we would observe life on planet Earth on triangular aircrafts. Martian spaceships are very complicated. They are layered, and they can fly all across the Universe.

What do you know about multiple dimensions? Do you know that one must fly not on straight trajectories, but manoeuvring through the multi-dimensional space?

Boriska immediately rose to his feet and started to pour out the facts about UFOs. "We took off and landed on Earth almost momentarily!" The boy takes a chalk and begins drawing an oval object on a blackboard. "It consists of six layers," he says. 25%--outer layer, made of durable metal, 30%--second layer made of something similar to rubber, the third layer comprises 30%--once again metal. The final 4% is composed of a special magnetic layer. "If we are to charge this magnetic layer with energy, those machines will be able to fly anywhere in the Universe."


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