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Chinese Woman Sells Grandson

A 57 year old lady tries to sell her grandson to save her son's life.  (screenshot)

Her son and daugther-in-law spent all their savings and have already borrowed more than 200,000 yuan for treatment for the cancer discovered in her son two months ago. Now he needs a transfusion from his sister, but treatment costs another 300,000 yuan,. She is selling her grandson to save her son!

A 22 years old selling 10 years of labour in exchange for money to treat her mother's cerebral haemorrhage.(screenshot)

While, millions of Chinese communist officials receive free medical treatment, nursing care, and even 'viagra'?!

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On April 25, 2019 the Committee on the Present Danger: China (CPDC) held a conference on “The CCP’s Unrestricted Economic Warfare Against America” in New York City .

Stephen Bannon, former White House strategist and a founding member of the CPDC said: “The Committee on the Present Danger, everything we’re talking about today is not about the Chinese people,” said Bannon. “It is to help free the Chinese people. The enemy is very clear, it’s the enemy of the Chinese people, that is a radical cadre of the CCP.”

War against faith

Bannon said the greatest suppression of faith is now happening at the hands of the Chinese communist regime.

“Whether it’s the Uyghurs, whether it’s the Tibetan Buddhists, whether it’s the Roman Catholic church, whether it’s the evangelicals or Falun Gong.”

In China today, many prisoners of conscience are held in detainments camps for what the Chinese communist regime called reeducation and forced labor.

“Right now we have a global financial system, a global economic system that allows this radical cadre in this totalitarian dictatorship in China to enslave their own people,” said Bannon.

Bannon said it was incumbent upon people in the West to make sure that we are not complicit in their enslavement.

“America has got to stop financing it, we’ve got to start asking hard questions, and corporate America has got to stop supporting it,” said Bannon.

“History is going to judge us, we are going to be weighed and measured by what happened,” said Bannon.

Freedom for Chinese people

Bannon called the Chinese people some of the most hardworking people in the world, and that they should be awarded the same basic freedoms that people in most other countries enjoy.

“It’s the Westphalian system that works,” said Bannon. “It’s freedom that works. What better example do you need than Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and what the Chinese-Americans have done in the United States of America.

“You give them freedom, you give them freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of religion. They can accomplish anything. But if you finance a gulag, you’re going to get a gulag on a global scale, and trust me the radical cadre the CCP, that is their plan.”

“The west has looked the other way,” said Bannon. “I think the greatest thing Donald Trump has done besides reorienting the entire apparatus of the United States government to have a whole of government approach to a confrontation with China, is now that these issues can finally be talked about and we can have a frank conversation.”

White house awareness

The CPDC’s Chairman, Brian Kennedy, warned of the broad lack of awareness among Americans about the present danger posed by Communist China but commended the President for being keenly alive to it: “President Trump like Reagan before him understands this threat and is taking actions to ensure our national survival.”

Utah Congressman Chris Stewart, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, stated that China’s “intention is to dominate the United States and every other Western democracy,” that “they are moving methodically towards that goal,” and that “from the intelligence perspective there is nothing that I worry about more.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich described three strategic victories Communist China has already secured: Its seizure of and effective control over the South China Sea; its empire-building inroads in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe; and its possibly irreversible ascendancy in the global 5G wireless market.

He warned that we are “watching a revolution in strategic economic capabilities and a revolution in geographic location of power and all of it is being done while we sleepwalk.”  He said, “This is going to be a long-term struggle between a civilization that believes in liberty and a civilization that believes in authoritarianism with Chinese characteristics.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz said, “China is in my view, and in the view of many, the greatest long term geopolitical risk that the United States faces. He added that, “We need multiple tools to combat the geo-political and geo-military threat that we face.” These tools include: (1) shining the light of transparency and truth on Chinese totalitarianism; (2) taking the Chinese threat deadly seriously and rebuilding our military and space capabilities, especially our space-based missile defenses; and (3) safeguarding ourselves at home against Chinese espionage, corporate theft, and academic/political influence."

The CPDC’s mission statement:

The mission of the “Committee on the Present Danger: China” is to help defend America through public education and advocacy against the full array of conventional and non-conventional dangers posed by the People’s Republic of China.

As with the Soviet Union in the past, Communist China represents an existential and ideological threat to the United States and to the idea of freedom—one that requires a new American consensus regarding the policies and priorities required to defeat this threat. And for this purpose, it is necessary to bring to bear the collective skills, expertise and energies of a diverse group of experts on China, national security practitioners, human rights and religious freedom activists and others who have joined forces under the umbrella of the “Committee on Present Danger: China.”

Founding members of the “Committee on the Present Danger: China”— include: Brian Kennedy, chairman; Frank Gaffney, vice chairman; R. James Woolsey; Dr. William Bennett; Steve Bannon; Mark Helprin; Pastor Bob Fu; Kevin Freeman; Dr. Peter Pry; Dr. Sasha Gong; LTG William Boykin; Hon. Ed Timperlake; Dr. Mark Schneider; Richard Fisher; Amb. Hank Cooper; Lianchao Han; Dr. Michael Waller; Capt. James Fanell, USN (Ret.); Col./Dr. Lawrence Sellin, USA (Ret.); Dr. Dan Blumenthal; Dr. Stephen Mosher; and Dr. Bradley Thayer.

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