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Mysterious Photo By Xinhua News

The Chinese communist mouth piece, Xinhua News published that the Libyan Embassy in Beijing has the New Libya Flag of the interim government, but in the photo, the flag of the Gaddafi government still stands----Is it raised by Beijing's photoshop?

The communist regime is scared to publish any news of the Arab uprisings for fear of sparking similar protests against its brutality and suppression.


This youtube below maybe fit for communist leaders to view:

Forced to Memorize CCP's Leaders Names in Return for Aid PDF Print E-mail
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The Chinese government is forcing Tibetan’s living in poverty to memorise and recite the names of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders and the Chinese national anthem in return for financial aid from the state, Tibet Watch has reported.

The test that citizens must pass for the aid requires knowledge of Xi Jinping, Mao Zedong and other influential CCP leaders. It also asks those being examined to recite a set of Chinese values called ‘the four emphasis and the four loves’ and sing the Chinese national anthem.

Tibetan's who fail to memorise the material and pass will be temporarily unable to get state subsidies.

The report comes as four video’s showing Tibetan’s reciting answers for the tests have been given to Tibet Watch by a source who asked to remain anonymous. The footage can't be published for their safety.

In one clip a large group of Tibetan’s are seen chanting the answers together in what looks like a family home. Another shows a Tibetan man being officially tested and singing the national anthem.

In a third clip a Tibetan woman is standing in front of a poster of Xi Jinping while being tested by a CCP member. She runs through the answers out loud and acknowledges that she is a Chedu Ghu Pe, a political term meaning a Tibetan who has been liberated by Chinese rule.

“How did they [the Chinese government] assist you through Chedu Ghu Pe?” someone behind the camera asks her.

“In the past, I was poor. Then I got liberated by the party. I feel grateful to the Party from the depth of my heart. There is good food to eat, good clothes to wear. We get what we want to eat and wear. Party’s kindness is huge. Very grateful. I love the core, Xi Jinping is the core,”she said.

Adding, “He is the core leader, he is such to me also.”

The tests have been running for years and stem from a program called “Unity and love for the Motherland.”

By 20 June 2017 eleven counties, 68 towns, 33 schools, 33 temples and about 5000 people had participated without a choice.

Tibetan’s who can’t speak Chinese or are illiterate can find it difficult to pass the exams and are then left without state aid and may face financial hardship, Tibet Watch added.

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