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Dragon Caught on Film?

At 0:02, in the sky, top right area, a snake like object flying to the left. Clip repeats at 0:52, and 0:57.

A film crew was filming beside a lake, when the sunny weather changed suddenly and a dragon? was caught on camera moving from right to left across the sky.

U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee Denounces Organ Harvesting PDF Print E-mail
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As awareness of the persecution against Falun Gong advances worldwide, the urgency of taking a stand on the matter cannot be overstated. Eventually, the persecution in China will come to an end, after which point the opportunity to champion the side of right will be no more.

In drawing a sobering parallel, let us remember that during World War II, “President Roosevelt, under pressure from the public, agreed to issue a statement condemning the German government for its genocidal policy against the Jews. Other support followed.” This was a pivotal step in restoring hope for the Jewish people.

“In the aftermath of the Holocaust, the civilized world was shocked[…] and searching for the truth as to what would permit this to occur without intervention[…] Why was nothing done? Why was there such deathly silence?”

“There is no question that the silence and inaction of the world community in the face of irrefutable evidence resulted in the senseless loss of millions of lives.”
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On 16 March 2016, the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee marked up H. Res. 343, “expressing concern regarding persistent and credible reports of systematic, state-sanctioned organ harvesting from non-consenting prisoners of conscience in the People’s Republic of China, including from large numbers of Falun Gong…”
“H. Res. 343 was agreed to, as amended, by voice vote. By unanimous consent, the measure, as amended, was ordered favorably reported and the Chair was authorized to seek House consideration of the measure under suspension of the rules.”

Every committee member recognized spoke favorably of H. Res. 343.

Ed Royce, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs:
“Since 1999, Falun Gong practitioners have been one of the most persecuted social groups in China. The practice of organ transplants in China is of deep concern to members of this committee, especially in light of recent reports of the severe and brutal crackdown on religious freedom, more broadly. This resolution condemns the practice of forced organ harvesting, it encourages U.S. medical professionals to educate their patients about the dangers of transplant tourism, and it calls on the state department to include a more thorough analysis on organ harvesting in its current human rights reporting.”

Congressman Eliot Engel, New York 16th District:
“Organ transplants […] save lives every single day, but non-consensual organ harvesting represents a gross violation of human rights; and if this horrible abuse weren’t enough, we hear of victims targeted because of their religious beliefs and of Chinese prison camps reaping a profit in trafficking these organs. This is something out of a horror story.”

Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida 18th District:
“It does the Falun Gong and prisoners of conscience the world over a disservice if our State Department continues to whitewash China’s human rights violations[…] By passing this resolution, we can send a message to the Chinese regime, the U.S. medical community and our State Department, that we condemn China’s organ harvesting, we know that it’s still going on, and we must do more to end this practice immediately. We cannot allow these crimes to continue.”

Congressman Gerry Connolly, Virginia 11th District:
“This is an abhorrent practice. It cannot be tolerated in civilized society and it’s perfectly proper for this committee to call it out.”

Congressman Chris Smith, New Jersey 4th District:

“I strongly believe that this resolution is an important step in bringing a measure of accountability and transparency to what may be one of the great crimes of the 21st century: the 17-year-old effort to eradicate Falun Gong from China.”

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, California 48th District:
“The only hope for a change in China, is if we, here, make tough stands on these moral issues. In that degree, our best allies in trying to bring change are the people of China themselves, and by passing resolutions like this, we are proclaiming to the good people of China that we are on their side, and that we too, would condemn this type of horrific activity that does not reflect the moral standards of the people of China, or the people of the United States, or decent people anywhere in the world.”

Congressman Brad Sherman, California 30th District:
“It is time for this congress to pass a strong and credible resolution condemning China for its oppression of various religions, but especially Falun Gong, to condemn China for wrongful executions, and to condemn China for harvesting organs without the permission of the executed prisoner[…] Of those, the organ harvesting is by far the most inflammatory, but frankly I think, less significant than the other two.”

Congressman Steve Chabot, Ohio 1st District:

“On H.R. 343, I agree totally […] on the importance of passing this. The barbaric outrage that the PRC has committed against its own people—I think all of us have probably had Falun Gong members in our office, and they literally have literature and books showing the torture and the horrific treatment that they’ve gotten at the hands of the Chinese government—is outrageous.”

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