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Paying Respects To Village Chief, Qian Yunhui

Villagers pay their respects to their village chief, Qian Yunhui (screenshot).

Chinese bloggers were risking their lives by taking these photos.

Detail linked here.


81 year old father of Qian Yunhui at the spot where his son was murdered. (screenshot)

Rally Supports Criminal Charges Against Jiang Zemin PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored   

(Speakers at the rally in Sydney on 5th July 2015.)

A speech by Bob Vinnicombe of China at a rally in Sydney, Australia in support of the thousands of brave Chinese who have filed lawsuits for crimes against humanity against former communist leader Jiang Jemin in China.


Today we celebrate the action of over 10,000 Chinese citizens who have filed criminal charges against Jiang Zemin, the former head of that renegade bandit gang of freaks and monsters, the Chinese Communist Party,
for initiating the  persecution of the practitioners of falun gong.

The charges filed include torture, genocide, murder, extrajudicial killing, state-sanctioned organ harvesting and trafficking, rape, sexual abuse, forced labor, illegal arrest and detention, abuse of power, illegal deprivation of freedom of religion, theft and destruction of property.

Among the petitioners is of course our very own Jennifer Zeng, now an NTDTV reporter in America, who not long ago lived and worked here and was the subject of the film Courage to Believe that exposed the persecution of the falun gong and the organ harvesting.

This is a brave act in a totalitarian country where there is no real justice system, as such, as the courts are run by the ruling communist party, but then it was a brave thing in the first place to follow the spiritual practice of falun gong which rejects Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

But we must remember there are other criminals, collaborators and fellow travellers  outside China equally as guilty as Jiang Zemin for remaining silent on the untold atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist Party.

I mean the politicians in Western countries who have covered up the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party for the last 50 years either because they covertly support those crimes or they want to make money by doing business with the Chinese Communist Party .

It began when the American government dumped the free Democratic Republic of China, sometimes called Taiwan, formerly an ally,  and gave the Beijing regime their seat on the UN security council and the Whitlam Labor government recognized the Chinese Communist Party as the legitimate government of China. This was followed by cordial diplomatic relations with this gang of criminals and even a refusal by then Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser to recognize the new Cambodian regime installed by the Vietnamese Communists after the overthrow of the murderous  Khmer Rouge simply because the Khmer Rouge were backed by China.

Then when the dictator Mao died most Australian federal parliamentarians supported, on September 14 1976,  a condolence motion in parliament, to praise Mao and the communist regime he had installed in China.

Malcom Fraser said  of Mao, who simply killed all his opponents and installed a ruthless police state "he achieved peace internally" and "and for the first time in many decades he gave China  an effective administration".

Then Opposition Leader Gough Whitlam said of Mao, who destroyed thousands of years of traditional Chinese culture and turned a nation into slaves in Mao suits  "No man has so embodied the aspirations of a great people".

Former Labor Opposition Leader Bill Hayden said Mao, whose regime killed millions,  was "a man of great achievement".

Then National Party leader Doug Anthony, who wanted to make money selling wheat to China, said of the dictator Mao under whose disastrous cultural revolution millions died of starvation "his achievement was remarkably any standard".

Labor Party icon Tom Uren, allegedly a supporter of the working class, said of Mao, who instituted the Chinese Communist totalitarian police state where workers were slave labour and had no freedom  to strike, said "Mao was a great leader".

The NSW Liberal-National government has welcomed the so-called Confucius Institutes into schools to brainwash a whole generation of students with the CCP version of the last 60 years of Chinese history with no mention of the genocide, the organ harvesting or the one child policy.

So you see the Beijing bandit gang has plenty of collaborators outside China to cover up and even support its crimes.

Congratulations, on the other hand,  to President Barack Obama for meeting with the Dalai Lama.

On the other hand I am pleased to see the issue of organ harvesting is now getting more mainstream publicity, like the front page in this local paper, the St George Leader that has a very large circulation including in suburbs like Hurstville with a large Chinese population.

Under the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria you can be executed for being a Christian, a Shi-ite or refusing to fast on Ramadan. Under the Chinese Communist state  you can be executed for being a falun gong practitioner or a Christian or a supporter of Tibetan freedom. What is the difference?

The Australian Government speaks out against the execution of drug pushers in Indonesia, but stays silent on the execution of innocent prisoners of conscience in China.

I call on the Australian Government to openly interfere in the internal affairs of China and publicly support the falun gong practitioners who have filed lawsuits against Jiang Zemin.

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