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A Chinese monk accompanies his "girl" buying a bra - photos posted by a Chinese blogger and being spread widely in China last week.

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The Monk seemed quite expierenced with the products.





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“Ride 2 Freedom” is a group of cyclists of roughly 20 teenagers and preteens from 13 countries, who started a 3000-mile bike trip on June 1, aiming to rescue orphans of Falun Gong practitioners in China who have been killed by the Chinese communist regime.

Before they departed on the morning of June 1st, all riders signed an open letter to Chinese leader Xi Jinping in front of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles, and the team leader Miss Annie Chen (Chen Yishan) from the University of Michigan read the letter to the well-wishers.

Miss Chen said: “Since 1999, the practitioners of Falun Gong have been jailed, tortured and murdered for their beliefs, the children of these practitioners are left homeless and abandoned with no one to care for them. ‘Ride 2 Freedom’ cares about these most innocent victims. ”

Some of the riders of the “Ride 2 Freedom” are:

Miss Aishwarya Sai, 18, from Hyderabad, India;
Miss Anahita Pander, 15 from Thüringerberg / Vorarlberg, Austria;  
Miss Annie Chen, 18 from Troy Michigan;
Mr. Arian Pasdar, 18 from Göfis, Austria;  
Miss Ghazal Tavanaei, 21, from Dubai, United Arab Emirates;
Mr. Henry Xu, 13, from Canton, MI (Michigan);  
Miss Jasmina Davis, 18, from San Francisco, California;
Miss Jenny Zhi, 15, from Troy, Michigan;
Miss Jessica Zhu, 16, from Montvale, New Jersey;
Miss Kata Baranyai, 25, from Budapest, Hungary;
Miss Kristine Feng, 15, from Little Falls, New Jersey;
Miss Laila Will, 16, from Berlin, Germany;
Miss Laurene Xu, 15, from Paris, France;
Mr. Marton Baranyai, 23, from Budapest, Hungary;
Mr. Michael Chen, 16, from Columbus, Ohio;
Mr. Nicky Mudryy, 18, from Brooklyn, New York;
Miss. Sara Almara, 16, from Córdoba, Argentina.

In order to raise awareness about the Chinese communist regime’s brutal attempts to eradicate the Falun Gong spiritual practice, the cyclists are planning to make use of the 45 days of the school holidays to ride through 19 U.S. cities. They will ride from Los Angeles to the Mojave Desert, crossing the Great Plains and the Mississippi River, making the last two stops in Washington DC and New York City. For six weeks, they will camp outdoors, cook by the roadside and bathe from streams and outdoor faucets.

At their last stop in New York, they hope to meet with Ban Ki-Moon at the United Nations to discuss China’s human rights violations.

They plan to complete the trip by relay between six teams. As one group rides, the other groups will rest in a coach following the bikers. Each team plans to ride two hours a day, or roughly 25 miles a day.  

According to VOA, the youngest rider in the group is 11 year old Miss Fuhai Ke (芙海科) global youth ambassador of Hong Kong, she said: “I’m a bit excited, but also very nervous. I should always remember the priority is safety, not speed.”

Miss Jenny Zhi also said:” I thought the trip might be very tiring, as after all it is a 3,000-mile ride, but I’m sure we will be able to overcome and finish it. “

They planned to ask the Consul General of the Chinese Consulate in Los Angles to transfer the letter to Xi, but they were stopped in front of the Visa Office, and directed to the main building, where security officials refused entry. They tried to contact the Consul General by phone, where Annie Chen said: “It took many of our members more than 10 hours to fly to here and we want to hand this letter to you, and hope that Xi Jingping can help to rescue those kids who turned out to be orphans (during the persecution).” The line was cut off when she mentioned “human rights”. Then the team leader Miss Will (威尔) tried to persuade the Consul to receive the letter, but when she mentioned “Falun Gong” the line was cut off again.

As the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) slanders Falun Gong as an illegal organization, many Chinese overseas information officers refuse to discuss it.

Mr. Willi said: “Some of the orphans’ parents died from having their organs harvested and the Chinese regime is tracing the whereabouts of the children. Actually, the information I got is that one of the orphans on the list to be saved has already been arrested, I can’t disclose their identity and the rescue methods before they set foot on the soil of their safety. “

Miss Annie tried three times to reach the Consul General, but failed, she cried. In the end they decided to leave the letter on the fence of the Consulate

Miss Annie proclaimed:” Though you refuse to receive our letter, we are still going to rescue those orphans and stop the persecution, as this is an issue of human rights.”

Miss Ghazal Tavanaei who had just graduated from her university, said: “It made me very sad to see that they refused to receive the letter, but we would never give up, as we know, though this letter may not be able reach Xi now, he will know it in the end, and the whole world will know it in the end.”

What Miss Feng Yuzhen learnt from the refusal is that: “Though some of them may not support our cause, together we will be able to overcome it.”

Annie Chen also hoped that what their endeavours could encourage adults to be braver. She said; “we are going to ride from Los Angles to Washington DC, it is a very brave action. If we young people can be so brave, I hope that those adults would also be brave and stand up to support this good cause. ”

Ride 2 Freedom is being organized under the auspices of the non-profit ‘Friends of Falun Gong  ’organization, the cyclists are also planning to hold a record-breaking candlelight vigil at Washington DC to arise people’s awareness of the persecution.

To support "Ride 2 Freedom", you can go to the website here.

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