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Victim of Tiananmen Massacre Finally Stands

"Chinese finally stand up!" was a famous Mao slogan when the communists took over China in 1949. Since then, Chinese people have had to recite this slogan time and time again, and posters containing this slogan are posted in many places in China. It is a strong propaganda slogan that the communists have used for 6 decades to brainwash the Chinese that "the Communist Party and Mao are the saviors of the Chinese people".

Zheng Fang, one of the June 4th massacre victims who lost his legs when crushed by a PLA tank, can finally stand up thanks to the helping hands extended by American doctors and the public. With the new legs, Zheng Fang also gears up for a brand new life.

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Global Stage
Robert David Steele   

Robert David Steel with Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes

An eye opening interview:

Who organized Antifa to pretend to be Trump supporters to crash the Capitol?

What happened when Antifa thugs were led by uniformed guards into the Capitol?

What next before 20th Jan??


Robert Steel is a former senior CIA agent, his publications are overwhelmingly popular and website link is here:


Charlie Ward's website-


Why the information given to me was not correct about on 20th Jan? --- I was told that I was used to send out misinformation which required for a good battle ... and I am happy to be used for a good cause.  --- Charlie Ward.

Develop information linked below.


Simon Parkes's Bitchute site

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