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Paying Respects To Village Chief, Qian Yunhui

Villagers pay their respects to their village chief, Qian Yunhui (screenshot).

Chinese bloggers were risking their lives by taking these photos.

Detail linked here.


81 year old father of Qian Yunhui at the spot where his son was murdered. (screenshot)

Call to End Evil CCP on World Human Rights Day PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, December 10th is World Human Rights Day.

At a meeting in Sydney, immigrants living in Australia - Tibetans, Uyghurs, Hong Kongers , Mongolians, Taiwanese, Falun Gong practitioners and like-minded Australians who respect the values of human rights and freedom, gathered to condemn the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and to call for Australia to distance itself from the Chinese regime.

Many speakers told of the violence and persecution of their communities by the CCP and thanked Australia for giving them the right to freedom of speech and to live in peace.

In modern China the vicious ideology used to keep the Chinese Communist Party in power has denied hundreds of millions of people their most  fundamental freedoms for more than 70 years.

Today the Chinese Communist Party still commits mass killings and large scale political and religious persecution of its own people.

This includes its tyrannical repression of millions of Falun Gong practitioners , illegally detained, “re-educated” through hard labour, even tortured to death or killed for their organs,– and millions of religious believers in Tibet and Xinjiang (East Turkestan)  who have been forcibly confined in “re-education” centres for brainwashing.

In recent years over 150 Tibetans have died through self-immolation due to insults inflicted on them by the Chinese Communist Party. Human rights activists, lawyers and underground Christians have also been arbitrarily detained and imprisoned at the will of the Communist Party.

The Chinese Communist Party continues to restrict the teaching of ethnic languages which is tantamount to religious and cultural extinction for minority groups and has blatantly disregarded its “one country, two systems” promise to the Chinese people in Hong Kong while threatening  military “liberation” of free and democratic Taiwan, (Republic of China).

The crimes and tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party are truly beyond description. It is time for all democratic countries to cut ties with China until the evil CCP is no more.

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