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What Is Dang Zhong Yang?

A popular Chinese blogger, Han Han planned to set up his own magazine in 2010, called Solo Team, but was stopped by Chinese censors due to this cover.

According to Han Han, a communist official asked him why the cover had such a design? Han explained that as it is not allowed to reveal the private parts of the body, he covered it with a magazine logo. (solo team). The officer accused him of implying that the central body of the communist party has guns. So the magazine plan was killed off.

In China, the media use "跟随党中央 which means: "following the central body of the Party" everyday in communist propaganda reports. "The central lead body of the Party" in Chinese is "党中央" pronounced: "Dang-Zhong-Yang" in mandarin. "Dang" means party; "zhong-yang" means centre.

Also, in Chinese,  档中央 has the exact same pronunciation, 档 -- "Dang" means the centre of the trousers; or 挡 - "Dang ", same pronunciation, means covering. So it implies either the middle (or fly area) of the trousers: 档中央, or covering the middle: 挡中央 -- Dang-Zhong-Yang.




















The cover of Han Han's planned magazine, Solo Team.

Insight into Zhou Yongkang's Lenient Sentence PDF Print E-mail
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On 11th June, the former member of the Politburo Standing Committee, Mr. Zhou Yongkang was sentenced to life imprisonment and he expressed remorse in the court.


Some Chinese bloggers questioned the sentence, feeling it was too lenient eg. "If Zhou was sentenced to life in prison, than there should be no death penalty anywhere in the world."


But many analysts said that the reason for the lenient sentence might because he pleaded guilty and exposed other "bigger tigers". Zhou is to give evidence in the future.


Political commentator Zhou Xiaohui said that Zhou must have reached agreement with the authorities to make them turn a blind eye to the murder of his wife, to his anti-party crimes,  and to his live organ harvesting crimes. He said that Zhou's trial was originally to be public, however it was changed to a closed hearing and that public opinion about the sentence in China and abroad was ignored. He said that the deal must have been for a major meritorious service, such as informing on one or several heavyweight officials, and that Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinhong must be on the list.

Hong Kong’s expert on the mainland, Liang Guoliang said that the court must consider several aspects to decide a sentence, for example, the severity of the crime, the attitude towards admission of guilt, and whether the person renders meritorious service  which means whether the person gives further information on other crimes, so he guessed that the reason for Zhou was not given a death sentence is  that he revealed information that the authorities didn’t know.


Political commentator, Chen Pokong also predicted early this year, that if Zhou was given a suspended death penalty, it means that he would be the most important witness in regard to Jiang Zemin's crimes or those of other "top criminals".

According to the April issue of the journal, Trends in Hong Kong, during the investigation, Zhou for a period of time went on a hunger strike and tried to commit suicide, but in the end he admitted defeat, and begged for his life. It said that he was charged with 22 major crimes in which the sentence should be either death or life imprisonment.

Crimes against humanity

Political commentator Ding Lü also thinks that Zhou informed on even bigger tigers which was regarded as a major meritorious service. Ding also pointed out that Xi Jingping's regime completely ignored the core crimes of Zhou, such as the attempted coup, organised organ harvesting, and crimes against humanity, which reflected that the current regime's control is very weak, and any big event could lead to the collapse of the communist regime.


With the looming economic crisis, Xi must snatch the economic dominance from the hands of Jiang’s faction. In order to get the hardest part done first, arresting Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinhong would be very important for Xi to clear Jiang’s people in the economic area.

Ding predicts that there would be a big shift in mainland China after this and that solving the persecution of Falun Gong would be the key for the future of mainland China and the future of the Chinese people. In the global world, this is also related to the fate of everyone on the earth.



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