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Stealing Children's Eyes -- A Common Business In China?!

At 4pm on 20th Sep. 2013, a 9 year old boy was visiting relatives with his mother when she realized the boy was missing after playing outside of the house. They could not find him anywhere, but at 10pm, video surveillance of the residential area showed the boy being taken into a nearby home and not coming out. The boy was killed by the young man living there, and by 3am the next day, the boy's body was found at a nearby river. His eyes had been removed, the corneas were missing, and he had suffered many knife wounds. It is not known at this stage whether other organs were taken.

A 6 year old boy was playing outside his home, but disappeared for 4 hours. He was found in a pool of blood, with his eyes dug out and thrown beside him, with the corneas taken.

Chinese police had announced that the boy's aunt was the perpetrator, but failed to present any evidence to the family while there were witnesses prepared to back up the aunt's claims of her wherabouts at the time of the boy's disappearance.

On Aug 27th in Hunan province, a 7 year old boy was taken away by 2 men according to the boy's classmates at Qiming school in Chenzhou city. 11 days later the boy's body was found, his eyes had been removed and other organs removed from his abdomen.

Organ harvesting from religious prisoners by the Chinese regime has been extensively documented. It would seem that no person - man, woman or child is safe from this crime against humanity when there is profit to be made.

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Real China
Wang Xi   

There is a world of difference in food for Chinese communist party leaders and general Chinese citizens.

Since the milk powder disaster was disclosed to the public in September 2008, official reports put the number of babies with medical conditions related to the ingestion of toxic milk at three hundred thousand, with six confirmed deaths by the government (the true figures are yet to be determined).

The Deputy Governor of Hebei province has revealed that the addition of melamine to Sanlu milk powder has been kept secret since April 2005, and at the same time the National State Council was establishing a center for the Central State Organ for Special Food Supply.

On August 18th, the eve before the news broke on the melamine contamination of Sanlu milk powder, and when all eyes were on the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese Communist Party held a conferral ceremony in Jinan city, Shangdong province, at the Center for Central State Organ for Special Food Supply.

Top in back drop says: Supplying  Special Products For Chinese Central Government Bureau.

Middle line: 'Signing ceremony' -- means "Opening ceremony". (screenshot)

The speech given during the ceremony by the Head of the Special Food Suppliers Center, Zhu Yong Lan, was widely spread online by Chinese bloggers.

In her speech, Zhu says "...the tests for selecting products for the Special Food Suppliers Center are very stringent, with an emphasis on safety and good nutrition."

She also indicates: "the use of large amounts of chemical pesticides and fertilizers is widely known to be common practice in the agricultural industry,and it is common place for antibiotics and growth hormones to be used in the poultry and meat industry, common for aquatic food products to be contaminated by polluted water, and that these particles will partially remain in the finished product, causing health damage to the consumers. ... organic food must be produced in accordance with the processes of nature, free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones, pollution, artificial additives, preservatives, genetic modification and must have organic food certification."

Zhu explains that organic food is produced in accordance with the AA grade of Chinese Green Food, and that a failure to meet this criteria means the food is not genuinely organic, and thus cannot be selected as a product of the Central State Organ for Special Food Supply.

According to an announcement by the Chinese authorities after the poisoned milk scandal was disclosed: Sanyuan milk powder, possibly the only brand of milk powder not contaminated by melamine, was especially chosen for the Communist leaders who reside at Zhongnanhai, and the Olympic teams in Beijing. However two months later, there are still some brands produced by Sanyuan milk undergoing tests for melamine contamination.

One blogger revealed that the reason the Sanyuan milk powder has not been found to have been contaminated is because the company’s products are present on the dining tables of Zhongnanhai and the Great Hall of the People.
Another blogger commented that if the Party's central leaders did not have food specially provided for them, no one in China would dare produce toxic food.



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